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African diaspora - Europe

Africa Positive (Dortmund, Germany)
In German. Site for the print magazine. Articles on Africa and the African diaspora in German-speaking Europe. Table of contents, some full text articles & interviews. Africa events in Europe. [KF]

Africa Reparations Movement
Information on the movement to obtain reparations for the enslavement and colonisation of African people in Africa and the African Diaspora. Also to secure the return of African artefacts taken from Africa. Includes paper by Chinweizu on "Reparations and a New Global Order", speech by British Prime Minister William Gladstone in 1871 on looted Ethiopian artefacts, a discussion list, ARM Talk, and a chronology of slavery. [KF]

African Axis, AFAX
Non-profit in the Benelux area engaged in "advocacy actitivies in Europe and capacity building activities for Africa." Holds conference / workshops, an annual Diaspora investment and skills transfer forum, African diaspora news, has a database of professionals of the African diaspora in the Benelux area, publishes AFAX News (for members). Based in Brussels, Belgium. [KF]

African Foundation for Development, AFFORD
Supports "the African diaspora in the UK to contribute to wealth and job creation in Africa." Has a report, A Survey of African Organisations in London - an agenda for AFFORD's action (in pdf) and other full text reports (What can the African diaspora do to challenge distorted media perceptions about Africa? In PDF). Has Factsheets (on fundraising, etc.) Based in London. [KF]

African Women in Europe
Non profit private networking site for African women living in Europe. Must be a member to access most pages. Maintained by Joy Zenz.

Afro-Europe. International Blog
Music artists in Europe. Life in different countries. Links to diaspora sites.

Association Alsace Niger
In French. Links to other Nigerians abroad pages.

Association Culturelle des Bamboutos de France
"l'ACBF rassemble en France la communauté des villages du Bamboutos, département de l'ouest du Cameroun." Includes photographs of Bambouto chiefs.

Association Suisse-Niger
In French. Activities, photographs. Based in Geneva, Switzerland.

BBC - African Success in UK Highlighted
"African-born immigrants in Britain are doing better economically than many other migrants, a major new survey shows." The survey was published by the Institute for Public Policy Research

BBC - Born Abroad:
"An immigration map of Britain." Includes statistics on geographic distribution of immigrants from different areas, the economic success of immigrants.

Listen to music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No music downloads allowed. Founded by David Oduki. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Black Business Club

Black Europe and the African Diaspora
April 21-22, 2006 Symposium Sponsored by The Center for African American History The Department of African American Studies, Department of History at Northwestern University, Office of the Provost, Institute for Diaspora Studies, The Graduate School, The Center for International and Comparative Studies, and Program of African Studies.

Cape Verde in London
Online community for Cape Verdeans living in London and the rest of the UK. News, Music, Events, Art and Culture.

Change Zimbabwe
Current news and analysis / commentary. " stands for a wider perspective on Zimbabwe news, in-depth analysis of the week's news, daily breaking stories and deeper discussion on the agenda for change." Events in the U.K. How the diaspora can rebuild Zimbabwe.

Cyber Nomads
Mainly in German. Extensive directory of the African diaspora - people, organizations in Europe. Manages the Black German Yellow Pages. Founded the Black Media Network (BMN) with ISD Berlin e.V. "to address the misrepresentation of minorities in the media and the stereotypical use of images of people of African descent." Articles, in German, on the African diaspora in Germany. Its e-market promotes music and books. [KF]

Diaspora congolaise (RDC) en Allemagne
In French. Directory of organisations.

[Eritrea] Meadna
Current news, news of the Eritrean community in the U.K. Interviews with prominent individuals. Videos, including music videos. Business directory (U.K. businesses). Jokes.

News about the African diaspora in Europe. Events calendar, arts and culture, life style, blogs by Afro Europeans, will accept writing interns. Founded by "London-born journalist, writer, editor and professor Olive Vassell". [KF]

ForumDiaspora · Forum de la Diaspora Mauritanienne

[Gambia] UK Gambians
Gambian non-political social networking site. Events, music, tech news, tourist information, cultural and etiquette guide (Life Style), NGO directory, health, Maintained by Daddy Elie. http://

Greater London Authority. Mayor's Commission on African and Asian Heritage
Mayor Ken Livingstone has published 'Delivering shared heritage', the first report from the Mayor's Commission on African and Asian Heritage (MCAAH). The report recommends "ways of recognizing and integrating the contribution of black and Asian minorities to the life, culture and history of the city." See also London. Mayor - Black History Month.

Houngb?dji, Adrien
In French. Election site for the 2006 Benin Presidential candidacy of Adrien Houngbédji. Biography, candidate news, photographs, discussion forum, link to the candidate's blog, full text of the 1990 Constitution, bibliography of works on Benin, online polls, supporters in the Diaspora, information on voting for the Diaspora, articles from the Benin press. [KF]

Kenya London News
News about and for the Kenyan diaspora in the U.K. Commentary on events affecting Kenyans in the U.K.

Ligue Internationale Contre le Racisme et l'Antis?mitisme, LICRA
In French. Lobbies, in France, for the rights of immigrants, the people of Darfur (Sudan), against racism in soccer / football (see Droit de Vivre : 611 26/09/2005). Full text issues of its magazine, Droit de Vivre.

Migration Information Source
Find the number of people born in Africa, regions of Africa, selected countries from 1995 to date. Also the number of asylum applications by nationality, by year and Acquisition of citizenship by country of former nationality, by year. The number, by state, of African-born populations. Facts about the foreign-born from each African country in each U.S. state. Essays (African Foreign Born in the United States, International Migration in Africa). Number of asylum applicants from individual African countries to other countries (U.S., U.K. etc.). Number of asylum applicants in United States by individual countries of origin. Based in Washington, D.C. [KF]

National Archives of England - The Black Presence: Asian and Black History in Britain, 1500-1850
"People of African and Asian origin have lived in Britain for at least two thousand years. But this aspect of our heritage has been largely forgotten." "The word 'Black' is used here to denote people of African descent; 'Asian' to describe people of South Asian origin (from modern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the area that formed the British territory of India);..." History, paintings, photographs, bibliographies. Black Romans, Atlantic Slave Trade, Africa and the Caribbean, India. Music, Theatre, Literature. Historical tour of London, Bristol, Liverpool.

Niger Diaspora
In French. The site is a network for the Niger diaspora worldwide. Members directory. Site maintained by Nigerians based in Brussels. [KF] Also at

Nigeria Igbo Congress (NIC)
"A non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization, an umbrella for unity and sharing." "a forum for social interaction amongst the Nigerians of Igbo extraction resident in Bonn area and its environs,..." Based in Bonn, Germany.

[Nigeria] MANSAG, Medical Association of Nigerians across Great Britain
Established 1997. "the only body representing Nigerian Medical doctors and allied professionals in the British Isles. Our recent projects ..... the provision of medical books to Nigerian Universities as well as the donation of a truckload of medical equipment to primary care centres in Nigeria." Holds an annual conference. [KF]

Nigerian Students' Association, Sweden
"The association uniquely evolved from a need and was birthed as a consequence of the peculiar hardships experienced by the 2004-2005 International Masters students of Chalmers’ University of Technology, and Gothenburg University." Maintained by Fredrick Omorogbe.

Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio
In Italian and English. Orchestra, based in Rome, Italy, made up mostly of immigrants including musicians from Senegal, Tunisia, Brazil, Cuba, Italy, etc. playing kora, oud, guitar, djembe, Directed by Mario Tronco Has a MySpace site with complete tracks. See a film trailer of a documentary about the orchestra. New York Times article, In a Changing Italy, a Band With a Multicultural Face, Sept. 27, 2007. [KF]

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD - Counting Immigrants and Expatriates in OECD Countries: A New Perspective
By Jean-Christophe Dumont and Georges Lemaitre. 2005. 44 p. in PDF. "The world map (see Map 1) presents ‘emigration rates’ of the highly skilled for all countries, with African countries standing out as those having particularly high ‘emigration rates’. Anglophone African countries as well as Portuguese-speaking countries (e.g. Mozambique and Angola, but also Cape Verde) record the highest brain drain rates." Includes statistics. [KF]

Remapping Black Germany. New Perspectives on Afro-German History, Politics, and Culture April 21 - 23, 2006, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Conference

Sentamu, John, Archbishop of York
June 17, 2005 - "The Bishop of Birmingham, the Rt Rev John Sentamu, has become the Church of England's first black archbishop. The Ugandan-born cleric takes over as Archbishop of York..." This is the second-highest post in the Church of England.
October 5, 2005 confirmation: Archbishop of York Official Site:
Archbishop Sentamu's choice of music. "each week a guest [on BBC Radio 4] is invited by Sue Lawley to choose the eight records they would take with them to a desert island":

In French. Defends the rights of African immigrants in France.

Tanzania Now
In English and Swahili. "an independent private organisation that aims to provide information to the Tanzanian community in the UK." Directory of businesses in the U.K., news, discussion forums, commentary of religion, etc. Women's zone. Love corner. Maintained by Mr and Mrs Saidi Othman. [KF]
Business directory, discussion forums (announcements, politics, recipes, etc.), real estate in Tanzania. Tanzania in the U.K.

Ugandan Convention UK
"to harness the ...expertise... of the Ugandan Diaspora with a view to promote socio-economic...development.. in Uganda" Business Directory, convention. Based in London.

Unigwe, Chika
Afro-Belgian writer of Nigerian origin. Her work, "The Secret", was on the shortlist for the 2004 Michael Caine Prize for African Writing. Unigwe's biography, bibliography of works, full text of selected short stories, poems, articles. and

University of Mainz. Johannes Gutenberg-University. Black European Studies
Database of researchers and their topics. Has papers from the First International, Interdisciplinary Conference Nov. 2005 (110 p. in PDF). Free registration enables participation in discussion forums. "The Center will conduct empirical studies focused on the often neglected history and present of black people in Europe, and remains in close contact with the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where another Center for Black European Studies is planned." Based at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany.

University of Muenster, Germany, March 22-26, 2006: "Crossovers: African Americans and Germany"
In German.

The Voice (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
"African News Magazine in the Netherlands" Monthly news magazine Published in the Netherlands.

Wisconsin Historical Society. Newspapers / Periodicals of the African Diaspora
Project to identify newspapers and periodicals outside of North America. The project has a database of titles including African titles published in Europe. Bibliography of print publications on the African Diaspora in Germany. [KF]

[Zambia] Lusaka Times
Blog about Zambia, political, social commentary. Has a good directory of Zambian community websites in North America and Europe.

Print Sources

Guide des associations guin?ennes en France.
Paris : L'Harmattan, 2007. 118 p.

Mbem, André Julien. Guide des diasporas africaines de France et du codéveloppement.
Paris: L'Harmattan, 2008. 204 pages. ISBN: 9782296060913 2296060919
A very extensive directory of Africa-related organizations.