Teacher education

African Journal of Teacher Educationn, AJOTE
"...a forum for examining all local, national, regional and continental policies, practice, experiments and research on the training of teachers for all levels and tiers of education" Full text articles online. http://gir.uoguelph.ca/index.php/ajote/

Association for the Development of Education in Africa (Paris)
In English and French. Based in Paris, France. "focuses on developing partnerships between Ministers of Education and funding agencies in order to promote effective education policies based on African leadership and ownership." Has full text reports (in Adobe PDF format), the PRISME database of education projects, by country, funding agency, etc. Has Working Groups on: Books and Learning Materials, Distance Education and Open Learning, Early Childhood Development, Education Sector Analysis, Education Statistics, Female Participation in Education, Finance and Education, Higher Education, Nonformal Education, The Teaching Profession. Publishes a Newsletter sponsors an Africa Education Journalism Award. [KF] http://www.adeanet.org/

Commonwealth of Learning
Established by the Commonwealth govts. to widen access to education, esp. thru distance education, teacher education, and associated technologies in Commonwealth countries. Models for success show literacy programs in Ghana and Zambia, teacher training in Southern Africa, computer training in Zambia. Has Best Practices in open and distance learning from Botswana, Seychelles, a 1994 report on African distance education, teacher ed. projects in Africa. Has full text articles, in Adobe PDF, from their newsletter, Connections, reports on Seychelles and Cameroon distance education, etc. [KF] http://www.col.org

Democracy in Teacher Training
Partnership project between Chancellor College, University of Malawi and Volda University College in Norway. Full text book - Chilambo, M. & O.R. Hunnes (ed) (2007): Learning Democracy: A resource book. Balaka: Montfort Media."The project lasted during 2006 and 2007." http://student.hivolda.no/~democracy/index.html

Hemson, Crispin - Teacher education and the Challenge of Diversity in South Africa
Full text book. Cape Town: HSRC Press, 2006. 72 pages. Multiculturalism. curriculum. http://www.hsrcpress.ac.za/full_title_info.asp?id=2142

Multi-Site Teacher Education Research Project (MUSTER)
Multi-year project to "enhance understanding of how new teachers acquire the skills needed to teach in different systems, and identify which professional learning experiences, (including practice), are most useful and valuable to new teachers." Project co-ordinated from the Centre for International Education, University of Sussex Institute of Education in partnership with universities in Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa and Trinidad. Has full text Discussion Papers and Research Reports (in MS Word and Adobe pdf) on Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa. http://www.sussex.ac.uk/usie/muster/index.html

OER Africa
Promotes Open Educational [free] Resources (OER) "across all education sectors on the African continent." Includes course materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos, tests, software. Established by the South African Institute for Distance Education, Saide. http://www.oerafrica.org/
Resources for agriculture, health, teacher education. Includes Moodle (course management software). Partners - University of Michigan, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), the University of Ghana (UG), the University of Cape Town (UCT), the University of the Western Cape (UWC)

READ Educational Trust
"South African-based NGO that operates in the education and literacy sectors broadly, and in teacher development...... Focuses on pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. Established in 1979 and funded by foreign donors and the private sector, READ works alongside the Department of Education to implement teacher training and literacy projects in schools." Based in Ormonde, South Africa. http://www.read.co.za/

Schoolnet Africa
In five languages. "to improve education access,..... through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in African schools......works mainly with learners, teachers, policymakers and practitioners through country-based schoolnet organisations across Africa." Directory of schools with internet access in Africa, a directory of the country Schoolnets, full text Research Reports, has a monthly e-mail newsletter. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa. http://www.schoolnetafrica.net/

UNESCO - IICBA's Teacher Education Network (TEN)
"...to facilitate the sharing of both positive and negative experiences, and also research and development of new knowledge and skills among African teacher education institutions." Goals include - Establish an electronic and paper library in the form of core texts, CD-ROMs and the Internet; Update curricula in primary and secondary teacher education institutions in Africa; Improve mathematics, science, technology and language teaching among teacher educators and their students. IICBA is the International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa. http://www.ten-iicba.org/

UNESCO's Teacher Training Initiative for Sub-Saharan Africa
"UNESCO has launched a high-priority Initiative on Teacher Training in sub-Saharan Africa (TTISSA) for 2006-2015. This Initiative will assist the continent's 46 sub-Saharan countries in restructuring national teacher policies and teacher education."

University of Pretoria. Faculty of Education
Includes the School of Teacher Training. ttp://www.up.ac.za/academic/education/

University of Sussex. Centre for International Education
The Centre has offered an international Masters programme for over 20 years. Sponsors the Multi-Site Teacher Education Research Project (working in Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa). The Center has acted as a Link Institute to support the development of the Teacher Training College system at Provincial level in South Africa. Has full text research reports - The Impact of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic on the Attainment of Primary Education for All in Sub-Saharan Africa, Understandings of Education in an African Village: the Impact of Information and Communication Technologies, Inclusion/Exclusion in South African Education. Based in Brighton, U.K. [KF] http://www.sussex.ac.uk/education/1-4-7.html

University of Swaziland. Faculty of Education
Offers a Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching. http://www.uniswa.sz/academics/educ/

Wajibu, Journal of Social and Religious Concern
Nairobi quarterly journal. Has the full text of some articles. Topics include AIDS, crime, the handicapped, older people, refugees, Paulo Freire's pedagogy, Christian and Muslim dialogue, "Hekima College-An Experience in Intercultural Living," etc. No. 20, is Education Revisited. Also Special Issue: Education for all Education for life, Volume 13 No.2 (1998) includes Paulo Freire's pedagogy. Earlier issues at http://www.peacelink.it/wajibu/index.html http://www.newsfromafrica.org/newsfromafrica/indices/index_788.html

World Bank Education
Projects, statistics, on all aspects (Girls' Education, Education Technology, Early Child Development, Tertiary Education, Effective School and Teacher Secondary Education, Adult Education, Global Education Reform, School Health, Economics of Education) with many full text reports. http://www1.worldbank.org/education/