White House Africa Summit 2014

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United States - Africa Leaders Summit, August 4-6, 2014 (Washington, D.C.)
Official site: "the largest single engagement by any U.S. President with Africa" Approx. 50 African heads of state will attend. http://www.whitehouse.gov/us-africa-leaders-summit

African Civil Society Conference, Washington DC, August 5-6, 2014
Gathering of "prominent democracy and human rights activists from Africa" Sponsored by the National Endowment for Democracy, National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute and others. http://www.ned.org/events/towards-an-action-program-for-democracy-an-african-civil-society-conference

Brookings Institution - U.S. - Africa Leaders Summit
Topics include -Focus on Foreign Direct Investment and Building a Strategy Together with Africa. http://www.brookings.edu/blogs/africa-in-focus/series/us-africa-leaders-summit

C-Span - South African President Jacob Zuma, August 4, 2014
Video of speech by President Zuma at a National Press Club luncheon about his expectations for the upcoming U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C."

InterAction - Africa Summit Related Events
InterAction is an alliance of NGOs based in the U.S. http://www.interaction.org/us-africa-leaders-summit-side-events

U.S. - Africa Business Forum
"Bloomberg Philanthropies and the U.S. Department of Commerce will co-host the first-ever U.S.-Africa Business Forum, a day focused on trade and investment opportunities on the continent for African heads of government and American business leaders. This Forum will be a part of President Obama's U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit,..." http://usafricabusinessforum.bloomberg.org/

United States Trade and Development Agency
"USTDA and its interagency partners will host two African Leaders' Visits to the United States as official events on the occasion of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit..." http://www.ustda.gov/africanleadersvisits

Twitter - #AfricaSummit, #USAfricaSummit

Commentary on the Summit
Africa Focus - July 29 - USA/Africa: A Dubious Summit AfricaFocus Bulletin, July 29, 2014 (140729)
Africa Focus - July 31 - Africa/Global: Talking Points on Common Issues. AfricaFocus Bulletin, July 31, 2014 (140731)
AllAfrica - Africa: White Paper on 'Africa Forum' Pre-Summit Dialogue Released
Gyimah Boadi, E - Africa: U.S. - Africa Summit Must Listen to Voices of the People. - Article on AllAfrica re democratic regimes and the Summit by the Director of Ghana's Center for Democratic Development. http://allafrica.com/stories/201407240148.html?viewall=1

United States Institute of Peace
Susan Rice (U.S. National Security Advisor)- Africa and America: Partners in a Shared Future, July 30, 2014

The Press
Guardian (London) - "Obama has let Africa down" by William Gumede, August 5, 2014
Guardian (London) "Obama suggests US is better partner than China to African leaders" by Chris McGreal, August 5, 2014
New York Times - ""Washington Prepares to Host Meeting of African Leaders" by MICHAEL D. SHEAR and JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS, July 29, 2014
New York Times - "African Leaders Coming to Talk Business May Also Be Pressed on Rights" by MARK LANDLER, July 31, 2014
New York Times - "Washington Meeting of African Leaders Opens to Protests" By Andrew Siddons, Aug. 4, 2014
New York Times - "African Leaders Sit Down With American Investors" by MARK LANDLER, August. 6, 2014
Washington Post - "African leaders to convene in D.C. for summit focused on economic potential" By Juliet Eilperin. August 2, 2014
Washington Post - "The African leaders who haven't been invited to D.C.-and the surprising ones who were" By Rick Noack, August 4, 2014
Washington Post - "What ordinary Africans might want prioritized during U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit" By Kim Yi Dionne, August 4, 2014
Washington Post - "With Africa's private sector on the rise, U.S. businesses seek to expand their presence" By Rebecca Robbins, August 5, 2014
Washington Post - "Obama, Bill Clinton use Africa panel to make their pitch to save the Ex-Im Bank" By Rebecca Robbins, August 5, 2014