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Combined Library Catalogs
COPAC - the combined online library catalogs of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Oxford, University of London Library, Trinity College Dublin, Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine, etc. (union catalog of over 20 research libraries in the UK and Ireland)
European Library - covers 48 National Libraries of Europe and leading European Research Libraries
LibDex (Directory to libraries worldwide)


Abraham, Terry - Repositories of Primary Sources
Directory of web sites for archives and libraries with primary sources. Maintained by Abraham, Head of  Special Collections and Archives, University of Idaho Library (Moscow, ID). Has a section on Europe.

Aequatoria Archives Research Project
Based at the Research Center of the International Pragmatics Association, University of Antwerp, and works with the Centre Æquatoria, Mbandaka, Congo (DRC). "Its goal is to make extensively annotated editions as well as systematic interpretive analyses of documents from the archives of the Centre Æquatoria - in particular those documents that are relevant to the historiographic study of linguistics and ethnology in colonial times." The Archives have, on microfiche, the proceedings of the Conférence Nationale Souveraine. Has an online Catalogue. The Archives holdings, on microfiche, are available in several locations worldwide (CAMP, Univ. of Wisconsin, etc.). The microfiche can also be purchased from the Archives in Antwerp. Has the full text, in French, of: Témoignagesafricains de l'arrivée des premiers Blancs aux bords des rivières de l'Equateur(RD Congo) -- African testimonies of the arrivals of the first Whites on the river banks in the Congolese Equateur region (± 253pp)

African Research and Documentation
Journal of SCOLMA, Standing Conference on Library Materials on Africa. SCOLMA is a forum for librarians and others interested in "the provision of materials for African studies in libraries in the United Kingdom. Has the table of contents of recent issues.

African Studies Centre, Leiden, The Netherland
Founded in 1948, the Centre is the "leading Africanist research and documentation institute in the Netherlands." Their "Library and Documentation Department focuses on both North and Sub-Saharan Africa, in the fields of social sciences, humanities and law." They distribute a free library acquisitions list and have published, since 1968, African Studies Abstracts (formerly Documentatieblad) which indexes articles in periodicals and edited works on Africa acquired since 1988. Has an excellent online catalog with annotated citations to journal articles. Their web dossiers provide citations to books, articles, web resources on topics such Islam in Africa, Sudan, privatization, Leopold Senghor, Vernon Alexander, the Asante kingdom, African philosophy, African cinema, African sport, African art, etc.

African Studies Thesaurus
"A structured vocabulary of 12,100 English terms in the field of African studies, the African Studies Thesaurus is developed and maintained by staff at the library of the African Studies Centre Leiden." Includes " the names of countries and regions, ethnic groups, African languages, African polities and political parties in Africa." "British English is preferred, but American-English variants are included as non-preferred terms."

Archives, Bibliotheques et Centres de Documentation sur les Tiers-Mondes (Paris et Région Parisienne)
Valuable directory of archives, libraries in and near Paris. Part of "L'Afrique a Paris 7," l'Unité de Recherche "Sociétés en développement dans l'espace et dans le temps (SEDET).

Archives Hub
"A national gateway to descriptions of archives in UK universities and colleges." Locate collections by country / topic. A great resource for anyone doing research in the U.K. For each archival collection provides dates of creation, library where held, extent of material, history of the collection, scope & content, copyright information, finding aids, related collections, subject headings, etc. [KF]

Basler Afrika Bibliographien (BAB), Namibia Resource Centre - Southern Africa Library
Extensive library / archives and research centre specializing on Namibia and Southern Africa, founded in 1971 by Carl Schlettwein. Has a publishing house for academic works. Based in Basel, Switzerland. [KF]

Belgium. Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres. Archives africaines
5 rue des Petits Carmes, 000 Brussels
The Africana Library is housed in the same building; the Archives are open 9-4 with no break for lunch.

Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, BNP
One can access the BNP catalog and PORBASE, a union catalog of over 120 university, public, government, and private specialized libraries in Portugal.

Bibliothèque de documentation internationale contemporaine
"La bibliothèque de documentation internationale contemporaine (BDIC) est, en France,  l'un des grands organismes de documentation et de recherche à promouvoir l'étude du monde contemporain." On-line catalog for their books, archives, periodicals. Books on Africa and grey literature on Africa. La BDIC se trouve sur le campus de l'Université de Paris X-Nanterre.

Bibliotheque nationale de France
Access the web catalog of France's National Library at:
Gallica is their an online exhibit of images and text from 19th century books. Included are illustrations from 16 African travel and ethnographic books from the Library of the Musee de l'Homme. For example, from Esquisses sénégalaises, Physionomie du pays, Peuplades, Commerce, Religions, Passé et avenir, Récits et légendes [Paris : P. Bertrand, 1853] there are portraits of Senegalese women.
See also the Catalogue Collectif de France, CCfr  - Online catalog of publications "conservés à la Bibliothèque nationale de France et dans les principales bibliothèques françaises : municipales, universitaires, et spécialisées."

British Empire and Commonwealth Museum (Bristol, U.K.)
The Museum collections include archives, artifacts, photographs, costumes. The Archives house interviews, films, photographs, audio recordings including on the Mau Mau in Kenya. Its country section has snapshots of British colonial history. The Commonwealth Today section gives each country's area, population, language, currency, flag and location on a map. Publishes historical studies.

British Library
The United Kingdom national library. Has guides to their African Manuscripts and Archives, information on their books and journals,  a site West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song with articles on history, literature, music, language, teaching resources, and photographs. Has an Arabic Collection.

Has an online catalog, but there are additional online catalogs not included in the main one. A separate newspaper catalog, (though holdings are included in the main online catalog), can be searched separately.

British Library. Endangered Archives
Program for the preservation of archival material in danger of destruction, neglect or physical deterioration world-wide. The archival materials are relocated to a safe place in the home country. Digital or microfilm copies of endangered materials are made. African projects. Offers annual grants to "individual researchers world-wide to locate vulnerable archival collections, to arrange their transfer wherever possible to a suitable local archival home, and to deliver copies into the international research domain via the British Library."

British Library. National Sound Archive (London)
Search their catalog. For example, a search on Senegal produced over 700 citations to recordings (Senegalese musicians, interview with Youssou N'Dour, bird calls, etc.) You can limit the search to Oral Histories. Copies of recordings can be purchased; "however "recordings which are less than 50 years old are all in copyright and you will need to obtain written permission from the copyright owner before a copy can be made." Collections include the D. Rycroft South Africa recordings 1960s-70; the Klaus Wachsmann Uganda recordings 1949-54; and the African Writers Club (recorded in the 1960s at the Transcription Centre, London, under its Director Dennis Duerden).
Online are short audio clips of:
A conversation [and music] with Dr Janet Topp Fargion, Albert Ssempeke, his son John (Ugandan musicians) and Andy Cooke (performer and scholar of Ugandan music) on the place of tradition in Ugandan music today.
The Tony Kofi Quartet, recorded at The Falcon, Clapham, 1996. Ghanaian-born and Berklee College-educated Kofi is a veteran of Gary Crosby's Nu Troop.
Sounds made by the Namib Sand Gecko Recorded near Erongo Mountains, central Namibia, 8 September 1984 by David Watts. [photo of Gecko from commercial site]
Sounds made by the African Fish Eagle Recorded at Lake St Lucia, Zululand, South Africa on 8 December 1974 by David Watts.

British Library. Newspaper Library
Use the Integrated Catalogue. Click on Search the Integrated Catalogue. Select Catalogue subset search. Select Newspapers. Enter your search term. Click on Date Range to sort by date. The library has a large collection of African newspapers from the former British colonies, 19th century to mid-20th century. Search their catalog by country for example and find 55 titles on Sierra Leone. Arrange results by title, place of publication, or date. "Each entry in the web catalogue contains full details of the title (including any title changes), the place of publication (the town or city and the country), and the dates which are held." The Newspaper Library is located in Colindale Avenue in north west London, NW9.

British Library for Development Studies, Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK
Information on economic/social development. The library hosts an extensive online bibliography of development information in print, cd-rom, and on-line sources at ELDIS: Electronic Development Information System. It includes an Africa section -
and a section on UK development organizations of all types.
The library's online catalog, BLDS, includes journal articles.

Cambridge University. African Studies Library
The African Studies Library Manager is Jenni Skinner. Information on hours, staff, access, etc. The online catalog Library Search covers resources across University of Cambridge libraries.

Cambridge University Library. Royal Commonwealth Society Library
The renown Royal Commonwealth Society Library is now housed at Cambridge University. Its Photograph Collection contains "more than 70,000 photographs, from all over the Commonwealth, and ranges from the mid 1850s to the mid 1980s." Topics include public works, medicine, surveying, and education. "Some 45,000 photographs are included in the microfiche edition of the Royal Commonwealth Society Photograph Collection, published by IDC." The IDC collection is owned by Univ. of Virginia, Yale, the Smithsonian Library

Congregation du Saint-Esprit (France)
Describes their work in Africa and offices, their journal, Memoire Spiritain. Their archives in France, contains holdings on Cameroon from 1914 - l958 among other topics.
Paris Headquarters
fax:  01 4337 0543
Archives générales spiritaines
P. Vieira, Séminaire des Missions,
12, rue du Pere Mazurié
F-94669 Chevilly-Larue Cedex.
Tél. : 01 46 75 99 08 Fax : 01 41 80 93 90.

Congregation du Saint-Esprit (Montreal)
Includes biographies of missionaries serving in Africa.
Jacques Laval (1803-1864) served in Mauritius -
Daniel Brottier (1876-1936) served in Senegal -
François Libermann (1802-1852) -

Die Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft (DKG) Bildarchiv
In English and German. The Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main has put on-line a large keyword searchable database of colonial era photographs, 1822-1936, from the archives of the Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft [German Colonial Society], a major organization behind Germany's colonial expansion. Covers Namibia, Tanzania, Cameroon, Togo, etc.  One can click on the small photos to see a larger version. The database can be searched by Region, Subject Areas, Keyword, Person, Photographer, People. The collection, of thousands of photographs, is also being microfilmed for preservation. Description of the Image Collection of the German Colonial Society. [B.Lawrance and KF]

La Documentation francaise
In French. Photographs of former Francophone Africa,, news chronology of events in Africa from 2000 to date. Map of Francophonie. Established in 1945. "La Documentation française est une direction d'administration centrale des services du Premier ministre, placée sous l'autorité du Secrétaire général du Gouvernement." Based in Paris, France.
Online reports such as La crise en Côte d'Ivoire (2007). Le conflit des Grands Lacs en Afrique (2007).

Durham University - Sudan Archive
The finding aid for Durham's Sudan Archive which contains the papers of over 260 institutions and individuals (administrators, soldiers, missionaries and others who served in the Sudan), from 1883-1956, is online. The finding aid includes the papers of Robert O. Collins, General Sir Reginald Wingate, Sir Harold MacMichael, Sir James Robertson, and the Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund. Has some material from the post-independence period and papers relating to countries bordering the Sudan. The Sudan Archive includes photographs, films, maps, museum objects.
Durham University Library has holdings of books, periodicals and ephemeral material on the Sudan. See their online catalog:

European Librarians in African Studies, ELIAS
" to all librarians, documentalists and archivists from Europe who are collecting literature and other materials from and about Africa in institutions." The 2009 meeting is June 3, Leipzig. Some information is at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies site.

France. Archives nationales
Has oversight of the Archives nationales d'outre-mer in Aix-en-Provence which houses the archives concerned with Sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian Ocean countries, Reunion, Mayotte, Algeria.
Centre des Archives d'Outre-Mer (English site)
The archives for French Government colonial records Has papers of individuals - Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, Robert Delavignette, Joseph Gallieni, General Louis Archinard, General Jean-Baptiste Marchand. Has company records - Chemin de fer transsaharien, Compagnie propriétaire du Kouilou Niari, Société du Haut-Ogoué, Compagnie N'Goko Sangha. The base Ulysse (database of photographs, postcards, posters, prints and drawings, maps and plans). Provides thumbnail images online. Its library has an online catalog

France. Ministere de l'Education Nationale de la Recherche et de la Technologie
Has a directory of universities (including Universite de la Reunion) and a directory of Bibliothèques universitaires françaises sur l'Internet.

[Frankfurt] Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt. Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg
The Africana Librarian is Dr. Hartmut Bergenthum. Has an on-line catalog and links to WEBIS (database of combined information about German research libraries). Address: Africana Librarian, Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg, Bockenheimer Landstr. 134-138, 60325 Frankfurt am Main Germany. Tel. +49(0)69-798-39246, Fax +49(0)69-798-39398 E-mail adddress: h.bergenthum at ub.uni-frankfurt dot de Based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Germany. Bundesarchiv
"Das Bundesarchiv übernimmt Unterlagen, die bei zentralen Stellen des Deutschen Bundes (1815-1866), des Deutschen Reiches (1867/71-1945), der Besatzungszonen (1945-1949), der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik (1949-1990) und der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (seit 1949) entstanden sind." The archives in Potsdam are now in Berlin.
Holdings include the German Colonial Office archives (Reichskolonialamt) covering documents from the late 1870s to 1945 and the countries - Namibia (Südwest-Afrika), Togo, Cameroon, Tanzania (Deutsch-Ostafrika). There is an online finding aid. "The online index can also be reached by clicking through from -- Bestände und Findmittel – Findbücher online -- Abteilung R – Reichskolonialamt." This archive has been microfilmed on 852 reels. [Information in this paragraph from Helene Baumann.]

Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London
See entry under University of London. Institute of Commonwealth Studies.

International Council on Archives
The ICA's membership includes national archives in Africa and elsewhere. Has a directory of the regional African archival organizations:

These provide the addresses of the executive committee members and lists the member countries. There is a national archives directory, and a who's who. [KF]

International Institute of Social History - Africa Collection Guide
Collections on African labor, the anti-apartheid movement in Europe, the Communist Party of the Sudan (1960s-1980s), the Defense and Aid Fund Nederland (concerned with South Africa), Has an office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia which collects material from opposition and other social movements. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. [KF]

International Network for the Availability of Scientific Information (INASP, London)
Has links to web sites and internet resources "which will be of special interest to the library and information science communities, and to scientists and publishers in developing countries." Includes Africa-specific gateways, sponsors African Journals Online.

Internet Library - Sub-Saharan Africa
In German, English, French. Search the combined Africa-related library catalogs of the Frankfurt University Library, the Africa Library of the GIGA Hamburg Information Centre, the African Studies Centre, Leiden, Netherlands and World Affairs Online. Includes journal articles, conference papers, internet resources and a Database (in German) of German Junior Researchers in African Studies.

LaTrobe University Library - African Studies Information (Australia)
Information on library resources. The library raised funds to pay the registration fees for sixteen African librarians to attend the World Library and Information Congress in Durban 2007. Based in Melbourne, Australia.

London School of Economics & Political Science. Library
Holds the papers of E D Morel of the Congo Reform Association of 1904-1912 and the campaign against forced labour in the Congo Free State, the papers of Phyllis Kaberry (Cameroon), Siegfried Nadel (Nupe and Nuba peoples), Audrey Richards (Zambia), Isaac Schapera (Botswana), Charles and Brenda Seligman (Sudan), Records of the International African Institute, founded in 1926, Papers on East Africa, 1928-1931, collected by Sidney Webb during his service Colonial Secretary.

Millum, David - Libraries, archives and the construction of (historical) knowledge : interrogating British holdings of archives and ephemera on twentieth-century Africa. 'Unnatural selection? The political materials collections in the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (ICS)
Full text. 18 pages. In PDF. On the site of the Commonwealth and Latin American Political Archives Project.

National Archives of the United Kingdom - Includes the former Public Record Office, London
The PRO is the national archives for England and Wales. Information for those planning to do research there includes access, planning a visit, PRO publications, closure dates and dates to avoid. See their online catalog, list of research guides (including the slave trade), Empire & Industry 1750-1850, how to cite documents in the National Archives .

Nordic Africa Institute - Nordic Documentation on the Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa
Directory of archival and library holdings on "national liberation in Southern Africa and the role of the Nordic countries. "The material in the archives is mainly written in the Nordic languages." Search across all collections. Personal stories (such as Diary from Somafco 1986-1988 [on Solomon Mahalngo Freedom School in Tanzania] and I worked as a nurse at Somafco 1988-1991). Based in Uppsala, Sweden. [KF]

Nordic Africa Institute / Nordiska Afrikainstitutet Library
Library for an independent research institute in Uppsala, Sweden financed by the Nordic countries. Site is in Swedish and English. The Library Catalog in online. See also Uppsala University Library which has a large Africana collection. Address: Dragarbrunnsgatan 24, Box 1703, S-751 47 UPPSALA,SWEDEN
Nordiska Afrikainstitutet Library:
Uppsala Univ. Library:

Oxford University - African Studies Related Libraries
Also a more extensive list from the Oxford University Library Services. and

Oxford University, Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House
The Librarian is Sarah Rhodes. The Archivist is Lucy McCann. Information on hours, access, their catalogs, collecting areas. Has the papers of Cecil Rhodes, the Anti-Slavery Society, the Fabian Colonial Bureau, the Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM-London), Sir Roy Welensky Papers, and the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel among other holdings. The Library has "received material gathered by the Oxford Colonial Records Project and its successors, the Oxford Development Records Project and the Oxford Colonial Archives Project." See also the South African Friends of the Bodleian. There are online catalogs for the Archive of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1956-98, the Archive of the Bishop Ambrose Reeves Trust, 1965-96, the Archive of End Loans to Southern Africa, 1974-95.

Paris Evangelical Missionary Society
See under - Departement Evangelique Francais d'Action Apostolique (DEFAP). Founded in 1822 and sent missionaries to Africa from the 1820s to the 20th century. See their address in Archives, Bibliotheques et Centres de Documentation sur les Tiers-Mondes.

[Raymaekers] Fondation Paul Raymaekers / Paul Raymaekers Foundation
Established by the scholar, Paul Raymaekers. Grants to Ph.D. students, aged below 30. Private library (c. 5,000 items) open to Belgian and European Ph.D. students by appointment. Book list if online. Collection of c. 10,000 photographs and negatives. Collections of African metalwork, masks, statuettes, ceramics. Areas of interest: Archaeology, Prehistory and protohistory, Social sciences of religions, rural Development in Congo. Based in Rhode St. Genèse, Belgium. [KF]

Royal Commonwealth Society Library
Located at Cambridge University. Information on library hours, access, etc. Has a collection of appox. 300,000 printed items and over 70,000 photographs. 45,000 of the photographs are available in a microfiche collection. Yale Univ. and the Getty Center libraries have the Royal Commonwealth Society Photograph Collection, 1850-1970; the Smithsonian and the Univ. of Virginia have the Africa section of the fiche collection. The RCS was founded in 1868 and was successively the Colonial Society, Royal Colonial Institute, Royal Empire Society. and

School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS. Library, University of London
The Africa Section is especially strong in African language publications, it holds the Hardyman Madagascar Collection. Has a page on locating missionary & church archives in the U.K and photographs. The librarian in charge is Mrs. Barbara Spina.
Search their online web catalog.

School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS - Swahili Manuscripts Database
Covers "manuscripts dating from the 1790s to the 1970s, contained in the papers of William Taylor, Alice Werner, William Hichens, Wilfred Whiteley, Jan Knappert and Yahya Ali Omar.... holds microfilms of the manuscripts... deposited by JWT Allen at the University of Dar es Salaam." Search by keywords across the text of all records, or search individiual collections. See images of the manuscripts, listen to Shaikh Yahya Ali Omar reciting a manuscript. The Adam Matthew company has microfilmed the collection. [KF]

SCOLMA, Standing Conference on Library Materials on Africa
SCOLMA is a forum for librarians and others interested in "the provision of materials for African studies in libraries in the United Kingdom.34; Their web site has information on programs, membership, publications, etc. They publish, African Research and Documentation, a great resource for information on archival and special collections.

Societe des Missions Africaines (SMA)
Houses an archive for this missionary society.  Address: 150, cours Gambetta, 69361 Lyon Cedex 07, France.  Tel:   Fax:

Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek, Frankfurt am Main - Afrika Südlich der Sahara
In German and English. Describes the holdings, history of the collection, one of the largest Africana collections in the world with 100.000 units. Includes the Bibliothek der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft [Library of the German Colonial Society]. Their online catalog covers acquisitions since 1986. The Director is Dr. Irmtraut Wolcke-Renk. The Africana Libraries Newsletter, Nov. 2000/Feb. 2001 has a description of the library by Irmtraud D. Wolcke-Renk.

UNESCO Archives Portal
Directory to archives (worldwide including African archives), primary sources and finding aids online, archival training / education sources, preservation information, international co-operation, archival associations, conferences, internet resources.

United Kingdom. Historical Manuscripts Commission
Maintains the National Register of Archives, a directory of archival and special collections for British history including the history of the British in Africa. Hosts ARCHON, Archives On-Line - a directory of repositories in the United Kingdom and all those repositories throughout the world which have collections of manuscripts which are noted on the British National Register of Archives. Also includes a professional organisations. Based in London.
Provides information sheets on:

  • Sources for business history - a guide to UK history archives and a list of reference sources.
  • Sources for labour history - a brief guide to labor history archives in the UK and a list of important reference works.
  • Sources for the history of the armed forces - a guide to UK archives and reference work.

The HMC conducts an annual survey of the records which have been received by over two hundred record repositories throughout the British Isles. The results of this survey are added to the indexes and made available lists of Accessions to repositories.

United Kingdom Library Web Sites

United Kingdom. National Archives
Formerly the Public Record Office. Site includes the Historical Manuscripts Commission. Has an online catalog, PROCAT, a section for Academic Researchers, a Research Guide for British Colonies and Dominions, a free e-newsletter. The Archives observe a 30 year access rule. Based at Kew.
It's education section for schools includes "How did the British Government try to keep the support of the people of West Africa during the Second World War?"

Universität Leipzig / University of Leipzig. Institut für Afrikanistik (Germany)
The Institute, at the former Karl-Marx-University, publishes the Mission Archives Series; these are guides (in German) to information about Africa in German mission archives. Abstracts (in English) for the guides are on the web site.

Universität Leipzig. Institut für Afrikanistik - Africa in German Mission Archives
Inventories of German mission society archives
. "So far the focus has been on the Leipzig Mission, together with closely related material now kept in archives in Bavaria (Nuremberg and Neuendettelsau). Consequently, the material covered concerns the area in which the Leipzig Mission and its predecessor, the Hersbruck Mission, was active from 1886 onwards, which is now part of northern Tanzania and southern Kenya." Project initiated in 1998 by Adam Jones of the University of Leipzig and Gudrun Miehe of the University of Bayreuth.

Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille. Littérature grise de langue francais
In French. Has a database of on-line full text theses, articles (Les aires protégées en Afrique : perspectives pour leur conservation / Célestine Mengue-Medou, 2002) from European universities. Based at Villeneuve d'Ascq, France.

University of Birmingham. Special Collections. Ecclesiastical and Mission Archives
Holds the Church Missionary Society Archives. Covers missions in Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Nigeria, Nyanza, Ruanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda. The Society is now called the Church Mission Society. The microfilming company, Adam Matthew, has filmed many records.

University of London. Institute of Commonwealth Studies
The Institute shares an online catalog with the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (with large collections of Commonwealth law, including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Law library), Institute of Historical Research. Has a rich collection of African political party material, political organizations, the Ruth First Papers, material on Nelson Mandela, etc. "the ICS Library was selected as the only UK location for a microfiche copy of the International Defence and Aid Fund’s large press cutting collection on South Africa and Namibia." A guide to the Archives and Special Collections Africa Holdings is available and an online catalog for archives and manuscripts.

University of London. Institute of Commonwealth Studies / Institute for the Study of the Americas. Commonwealth and Latin America. Political Archives
Catalog of political ephemera (from political parties, trade unions and pressure groups) including from African countries. See the Commonwealth Author and Title Lists. "particularly strong holdings from South Africa and from the former frontline states." Online posters (African National Congress, Zimbabwe elections). Full text pamphlets (South Africa, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia), and a paper by Danny Millum.
See also the one day workshop on 'Political ephemera from the Commonwealth and Latin America' July 4, 2005. Program (pdf) . Abstracts (pdf).

University of London. Institute of Commonwealth Studies. Library. Ruth First Papers
An inventory of the Ruth First Papers, deposited at the Institute, is available in MS Word. Covers the period 1889-1991 [predominantly 1946-1982]. Includes a biography of Ruth First. First was "one of the foremost campaigners against the South African apartheid regime. The papers include personal material relating to her family life in South Africa and later in England, her writing and newspaper editorships..." Also included are letters between First and her husband, Joe Slovo, their family and fellow activists, material from her research into the welfare of Mozambican miners in South Africa, tapes and transcripts of interviews of friends of Ruth First.

University of the West of England, Bristol. Wars of Liberation, Wars of Decolonisation: The Rhodesian Army Archive Project
Newsletter April 2007 (MS Word document of 4 pages on the Project. "The Rhodesian Army Archive project was set up by the University of the West of England, Bristol, in September 2006,....., to catalogue the extensive collection of papers and other materials from the Rhodesian Army Archive, held by the Empire & Commonwealth Museum in Bristol." "The project will be completed by August 2009, when the catalogue will become available with a searchable database on the UWE website." Project Manager is Dr. Diana Jeater. Uses Bamboo software from Lemur Consulting (1 p in pdf). "Up to 10,000 pages of material will also be digitised and included in the Aluka Struggles for Freedom in Southern Africa collection, which documents the liberation struggles in southern Africa since the end of World War II."

White Fathers (Société des Missionnaires d'Afrique - Pères Blancs, Missionari d'Africa - Padri Bianchi)
Casella Postale 9078, 00100 Roma, Italy
Fax : (39)
Tel : (39)
E-Mail :
The Archives are closed around July and August every year.
"Using the White Fathers Archive: An Update" by David Lee Schoenbrun, in History in Africa, Vol. 20, 1993, 421-422
"Archives de la Société des Missionnaires d'Afrique (Pères Blancs)" by René X. Lamey, in Guida delle fonti per la storia dell'Africa a sud del Sahara negli archivi della Santa Sede e negli archivi ecclesiastici d'Italia/ a cura di Lajos Pâasztor. (Zug, Switzerland : Inter Documentation Co., c1983) 388-413. [KF]