Madagascar news

AllAfricaNews- Madagascar
In French and English. Includes news from PANA, Pan African News Agency. Formed from a merger with Africa News of Durham, North Carolina.

BBC - Africa
May have Madagascar news. Also use the Search.

Express de Madagascar (Antananarivo)
In French and Malagasy. Site for the daily print newspaper. Politics, economy, sports, society.

Gazette de la Grande Ile (Antananarivo)
In French and Malagasy. Site for the daily newspaper. Politics, economy, culture, sports, health, discussion forum. Published by GROUPE MPE.

Indian Ocean Newsletter - Madagascar
Provides the first paragraph only; subscription or payment is required to read the entire article. Published by Indigo Publications, Paris. A one year subscription (47 issues) to the Indian Ocean Newsletter, by email, is $780.00.

International Committee of the Red Cross
Use the Search form to find a small number of older articles.

Subscription only; some universities subscribe. Has selected Lexis-Nexis databases. For best results, select the tab "More Options," then the pull down menu.

Madagascar Tribune (Antananarivo)
In French. Web site for the print daily newspaper.

Mad Online
In French and English. Current news. Publisher: Patricia Randrianasolomanana, Chief Editor: Christian Lehmann. Based in Antananarivo.

Midi Madagasikara (Antananarivo)
In French and Malagasy. Website for the print daily newspaper.

New Magazine (Antananarivo)
In French. Bi-monthly Madagascar magazine.

Le Monde Diplomatique (Paris)
In French and English. Use the "Search the Site" box.

U.N. Integrated Regional Information Networks, IRIN - Madagascar
Use the Search box to locate news on Madagascar.

U.N. Reliefweb - Madagascar
Mainly on natural disasters, humanitarian issues.