Somalia news
Current news. Company formed from a merger with the former Africa News (Durham, NC.) Search their Archives for past articles.

In Somali. A Somali daily newspaper. Articles on Somalia politics (including Somalia-related events in the U.S.), statements from organizations such as the Somali Intellectual Forum, Mogadishu, Somalia. Links to some English language articles (BBC, AP, Reuters), reprints opinion letters in English. Based in Toronto, Canada. [KF]

Baledweyne Online
In Somali. Current news, editorials, interviews. Established by Somali journalists in Europe, Africa, and America.
Current news on Somalia in English and Somali. Directory of Somalia-related web sites.

BBC News - Somali
BBC news in Somali.

Berbera New
In Somali and English. News, jobs. Links to related sites. Based in the United Kingdom. [KF]

CNN, Cable News Network
Use the Search to find articles.

Haatuf News (Hargeysa)
In Somali. Published by Haatuf Media Network, Hargeysa, Somaliland. [KF]

al-Hatif al-Arabi (Hargeisa)
In Arabic. Issues on the web site of a student at the University of Washington (Seattle).

Hiiraan Online
In English and Somalia. News articles (from major news publications), political commentary, a Somalia music site. Site of the Hiiraan Community in North America, based in Ottawa, Canada.

HornAfrik Media
In Somali. Private television and radio organization, the "first independent broadcaster in Somalia?s history." Founded by Ali Imam Sharmarke (killed August 2007). Based in Mogadishu, Somalia.

IRIN News - Africa
Current news from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Jamhuriya (Hargeisa, Somaliland)
In Somali. "Jamhuria /NPP was established in 17th October 1995 and now it has become a daily newspaper in the democratic replublic of Somaliland, with the well-organized distribution within the country and ready to meet the need of the public." "Jamhuria is a part of the NPP Group, which was founded by Mr Mahmoud Abdi Shide...."

Mareeg Online
In English and Somali. Links to online sources for Somali news and to other Somalia sites. Links to BBC Somali. Head office in London. Office in Mogadishu Somalia.

Ogaden News
In English and Somali. Based in London. [KF]

Qaran News
In Somali and English. News, commentary. Based in Liverpool, U.K. [KF]

RBC Radio
In Somali and English. Raxanreeb Online carries news on Somalia, Puntland and the Somali diaspora. Interview, video. Website based in Australia.

Saraar Media - East African Media Centre (London)
In English and Somali. Current news on Somalia, Somaliland, the rest of Africa, the Somali Diaspora. Online music. Videos (in Somali).

Saxafi (Hargeysa, Somaliland)
In Somali. Newspaper published 5 tmes a week, launched March 11, 2010. "local and international news, sports, business, jobs, .... advertisement and community events." "

Saxafi Media Network
"...a cooperative established in 2009 in Hargeysa, Somaliland, by a group of local journalists for the purpose of providing independent news information." SMN publishes now a daily Somali language newspaper 'Saxafi', and a weekly Arabic language newspaper 'Al-Saxafi', but in the near future SMN planned to add its publication a weekly English newspaper "The Reporter." From Abdifatah Mohamud Aidied, Chairman, Sept. 6, 2011.

Shabelle Media Network
In Somali and English. Current news.

Somali Current
Current news, features, blogs, opinions. Produced by professional journalists and writers. Blogs by veteran journalists, academics and authoritative analysts. Launched Sept. 12, 2013.

Somali Herald
In Somali and English. News, poetry, many links to Somalia-related sites. Web site based in Denver, Colorado.

Somali News Network
In Somali and English."founded in 2002 by a team of Somali intellectuals..." "We are devoted to provide a quality service and trustworthy information." Has links to many Somali radio stations. Owned by Somali News Network Inc.

Somali Press (Toronto, Canada)
In Somali and English. Somalia news. Established in 1994. Hosts discussion forums. Web edition of a  monthly newspaper with readership among the Diaspora (Canada, United States, Europe, etc.) [KF]

Somalia Report
In English. Real time news. "privately funded, non-partisan....hires Western editors to work with Somali journalists inside the country" Special reports on piracy, media, etc. Founded by by Robert Young Pelton. [KF]

Somalia Watch - News
Current news from a variety of sources. "a Non Governmental Organization created to help increase the understanding of the Somali issues. SOMALIA WATCH shall focus on the Governance and Human Rights situation in Somalia." Is critical of the Transitional National Government. Based in Qatar, Arabian Gulf.

Somaliland Informer
In English. Current news on Somaliland and Somalia, business and sports news also. Opinion pieces.

Somaliland News Network
In English and Somali. Links to news articles, TV audio and video reports, and other Somaliland sites. Some dead links. Pro Somali National Movement. Based in Atlanta, Georgia. [KF]

Somaliland Post
In Somali and English. "News, Sports, Diaspora Community, Somaliland Jobs, Entertainment on Somaliland and the Horn of Africa." Based in Hargeysa, Somaliland.

Somaliland Press
"independent news portal published from Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland." "founded in January 2009 by Mohamed Guled." News, business, commentary. Facts about Somaliland. [KF]

Somaliland Times (Hargeysa)
Independent weekly newspaper. Somaliland local and international news. Past issues online. Its sister publications are Haatuf News (in Somali) and Alhatif Alarabi (in Arabic). Published by Haatuf Media Network, Hargeysa, Somaliland. [KF]

Extensive site with news, Somali organizations, the SomaliNet discussion forum, Somali Womens Forum, books about Somalia section, a business exchange, links to many other Somalia related sites. Based in Toronto, Canada. [KF}

SOMINA, Somali Independent News Agency
In Somali and English. Independent news source supported by the National Union of Somali Journalists and Reporters Without Borders, news of Somalia, including Somaliland. Based in Djibouti.

United Nations. ReliefWeb
Current news on Somalia. Maintained by the UN Dept. of Humanitarian Affairs.

Voice of America - Africa News
Covers Somalia, Somaliland news. News, interviews and features about Africa. Includes audio news reports. Based in Washington, D.C.

In Somali. Independent Somaliland newspaper. News, video, audio reports, interviews. Their journalists have, at times, been harassed, arrested. Managed by Waaheen Media Group, created by " members of the Somaliland diaspora."  [KF]

In English and Somali. Current news on Somalia, Somaliland, the Horn, commentary, Somali songs (audio), conference information, links to radio stations, literature, Somali pirates, and more. Maintained by Wardheernews Network.