Tanzania news

The African (Dar es Salaam)
Site has closed. Published by New Habari Ltd., Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Site for the print newspaper. http://www.theafrican.co.tz/

Alasiri (Dar es Salaam)
In Swahili. Print newspaper published by the IPP Group. http://kurayangu.com/ipp/newspapers/index.html

AllAfrica.com - Tanzania
Very current news from TOMRIC Agency in Dar es Salaam, PANA, Amnesty, etc. Formed from a merger with Africa News. http://allafrica.com/tanzania/

An-Nuur (Dar es Salaam)
In Swahili. Issues only from Juni 1998 to Oktoba 2000. Islamic newspaper published by the Islamic Propagation Centre, Dar es Salaam. http://www.islamtanzania.org/an-nuur/index.html

Arusha Times (Arusha)
Weekly newspaper. Published by the ArushaTimes Company. Local news, crime report, features, sports, letters to the editor. http://www.arushatimes.co.tz/

Citizen (Dar es Salaam)
Publishe by Mwananchi Communications Limited, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. News, sports, commentary. jobs & tenders, education news, women's section. http://www.thecitizen.co.tz/

Daily News (Dar es Salaam)
Published by Daily News Media Group, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Online edition of the daily print newspaper published since 1930. Includes the Sunday News. http://www.dailynews-tsn.com/

The East African (Nairobi)
A selection of articles from the latest issue of the print Kenya newspaper. Also covers Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda news. http://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/

East African Business Week (Kampala, Uganda)
Published by East African Business Week Limited. Site of the print weekly newspaper. Business and investment news and opportunities. Technology and health news. Covers Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Founded May 2005. [KF] http://www.busiweek.com

The Express (Dar es Salaam)
"Tanzania's first online weekly newspaper." Web edition of the print newspaper. Updated every Thursday; has past issues online. Published by Media Holdings (T) Ltd. http://www.theexpress.com/

The Guardian (Dar es Salaam)
News in English and Swahili from the IPP Group, publisher of the print newspaper, The Guardian and 9 other newspapers. Includes news from the Daily Mail, Financial Times and other IPP Group newspapers. http://www.ippmedia.com/

Habari Leo (Dar es Salaam)
In Swahili. Print newspaper. From the same publisher as the Daily News. http://www.habarileo.co.tz/

IPP Media
Current news from Tanzania. IPP Group, a manufacturing and media private company, owns The Guardian Ltd., ITV, Radio One and other companies. It publishes newspapers in English (The Guardian, The Sunday Observer, The Daily Mail, Sun Set and Financial Times) and in Kiswahili (Nipashe, Nipashe Jumapili, Alasiri, Kasheshe, Lete Raha and Taifa Letu.) Receive their daily e-newsletter. Based in Dar es Salaam. [KF] http://ippmedia.com

Lete Raha
In Swahili. On-line news from the print newspaper. Owned by IPP Media. http://kurayangu.com/ipp/newspapers/index.html

Majira (Dar es Salaam)
Subscription only newspaper in Swahili. Online edition of the print daily newspaper. html http://majira.co.tz/

Mtanzania (Dar es Salaam)
In Swahili. Published by New Habari Ltd. Dar es Salaam. Selected news from the print privately owned newspaper. http://www.newhabari.com/mtanzania/

Mwananchi (Dar es Salaam)
In Kiswahili. Published by Mwananchi Communications Ltd. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Current news. http://www.mwananchi.co.tz/

Mwanaspoti (Dar es Salaam)
In Kiswahili. Sports news, entertainment, lifestyle. Published by Mwananchi Communications Ltd., Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. http://www.mwanaspoti.co.tz/

Nipashe / Nipashe Jumapili
In Swahili. On-line news from the print newspaper. Owned by IPP Media. l http://kurayangu.com/ipp/newspapers/index.html

Rai (Dar es Salaam)
In Kiswahili. Web edition of the print Tanzania newspaper. http://www.newhabari.com/rai/index.php

Sunday News (Dar es Salaam)
Published by Daily News Media Group, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Sunday edition companion to the Daily News. The print newspapers have been published since the 1930s. http://www.dailynews.co.tz/?mg=sundaynews

Tanzanet - Newspaper Directory
Directory of Tanzania newspapers, TV and radio stations, news agencies. PO addresses, phone, fax, email. Also links to radio stations. http://tanzanet.org/modules.php?name=Tanzania_Media