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Citing images

Several universities provide excellent guides to citing images in papers and presentations. Two standouts are:

Colgate University's Visual Resources Library (MLA, Chicago, APA)
Dartmouth College Library [pdf] (MLA, Chicago, APA)

In general, the following details are necessary for any image citation, no matter which citation style you choose:

* The title of the image, if applicable. For example, this could be the title of the artwork or, if it's a media image, the original caption.
The name of the image's creator.
The repository of the image. This is the institution that owns the original: the museum, the library, the archive, the individual, etc.
The source. This could be a database such as ARTstor, a Web site, a book, etc.
The date you accessed the image. This is most important for Web sources, which can be quite ephemeral.