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Fred Buenzle's 1898 photograph album of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba digitized

Image from Fred Buenzle photograph album available online (M1983; xz190hb3188_00_047)

Fred J. Buenzle papers. circa 1870-1946 (M1983) 

Just after the earlier article announcing the opening of this collection came out, a photograph album in the collection was digitized. It contains eighty fading silver gelatin prints which include images of Naval training in Guantanamo Bay and other images in and around Havana, Cuba.



My great grandfather John J Shea (musician)
in the Marine Guard was on the USS New York
at the same time with Fred-curious if he knew him or had any pictures of him in collection?
Hi Sean, I processed the Fred Buenzle papers, but unfortunately I can't tell you if your great grandfather is in it. We only digitized one of his photo albums, but there is much more in the collection. You'll have to make the trip to Stanford to see for yourself:
Thanks Franz-I think I may have to do that some time in the future-I also have a Spanish bugle that
my great grandfather supposedly retrieved from a deceased Spanish soldier-if I come out there I will
bring it.

Thanks Again

Sean Curran

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