A wet library book sits on a shelf, swollen from the moisture retained in its pages. Fuzzy, green mold is growing on the book.

Collections emergency response drop-in workshops

April 9, 2019
by Annie Matthys

A flood in the library caused by a burst pipe.

An accidental fire sprinkler discharge resulting in a voluminous mist spraying down on bookshelves.

Heavy rains lead to an unexpected roof leak in the early hours of the morning.

These scenarios strike fear in the heart of any person working in libraries and archives as they think of precious collections potentially being damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately, these scenarios aren't just the stuff of bad dreams: a water disaster - big or small - can happen at the most unsuspecting of times. 

Frank Ferko

Frank Ferko departing the Archive of Recorded Sound

April 9, 2019
by Jerry L McBride

Frank Ferko is leaving Stanford Libraries to accept the position of Music Metadata Librarian at the University of California, Berkeley working in the Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library. Frank leaves a significant legacy of accomplishment at Stanford Libraries. Frank accepted the position of Sound Archives Librarian in August 2016. During the past two and a half years, Frank met with numerous classes to introduce them to the many special collections and recordings in the Archive and handled hundreds of reference questions from researchers all over the world.

Modernist Jewish Design: The Bauhaus at 100 poster

Modernist Jewish Design: The Bauhaus at 100; exhibition at the Bowes Library

April 8, 2019
by D. Vanessa Kam

Modernist Jewish Design: The Bauhaus at 100

Bowes Art & Architecture Library
Stanford University

April 8 through June 14, 2019

Curated by Eitan Kensky, Reinhard Family Curator of Judaica and Hebraica Collections and D. Vanessa Kam, Head Librarian, Ute & Bill Bowes Art & Architecture Library