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Guide Created by Last Updated Subject tag
Agriculture and Landuse Bridget Thrasher 2016-09-15 Agriculture, forestry, and wildlife
Ecology Jeanette Kalchik 2016-06-08 Agriculture, forestry, and wildlife, Biology, Toxicology and chemical safety, Earth sciences, Environmental studies
Insect biology Jeanette Kalchik 2016-04-12 Agriculture, forestry, and wildlife, Biology, Global ecology
Food Policy Bridget Thrasher 2016-09-15 Agriculture, forestry, and wildlife, Earth sciences, Land use
Energy information Bridget Thrasher 2016-09-15 Earth sciences, Energy resource engineering
Find technical reports (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Bridget Thrasher 2016-09-15 Earth sciences, Environmental studies
Topographic maps 2015-09-12 Earth sciences, Maps, Environmental studies
Grants and funding for science & engineering 2016-04-14 Aquatic studies, Biology, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Engineering, Environmental studies, Mathematics and statistics, Physics and astronomy
Biodiversity Jeanette Kalchik 2016-06-08 Biology, Earth sciences, Climate and weather, Global ecology
Environmental engineering resources 2016-09-20 Environmental engineering, Environmental studies
Wetlands and aquatic environments Jeanette Kalchik 2016-04-11 Aquatic studies, Marine biology, Biology, Environmental studies
Leland Scholars Program Grace Baysinger 2016-08-24 Biology, Chemistry, Environmental studies, Physics and astronomy
Energy resources geospatial data Bridget Thrasher 2016-09-15 Energy resource engineering, Geographic Information Systems
Geologic maps Bridget Thrasher 2016-09-15 Geology, Maps
Warren Heckrotte gold rush maps Julie Sweetkind-Singer 2016-01-13 Rare maps, Western Americana, Geology, Maps, State government information, US federal government information
Water and wastewater resources 2016-09-20 Earth systems, Environmental engineering
Oil and gas maps Bridget Thrasher 2016-09-15 Energy resource engineering, Maps
Geothermal engineering resources 2016-09-20 Energy resource engineering, Environmental engineering
China Solar Industry Innovation Bridget Thrasher 2016-09-15 Energy resource engineering
Geochemistry Bridget Thrasher 2016-09-15 Geochemistry
Geophysics Bridget Thrasher 2016-09-15 Geophysics
Green building resources 2015-11-17 Civil engineering, Environmental engineering
Environmental education Kathryn M Kerns 2016-08-04 Environmental education, Education
Children's books about the environment Kathryn M Kerns 2016-09-16 Children's literature, Environmental education, Education
Course number Term Guide Instructor
GES 1A Fall 2012 Introduction to Geology: The Physical Science of the Earth
EARTHSCI 117/EARTHSYS 117 Fall 2012 Earth Systems in Hawaii Program Guide
EARTHSCI 180 Winter 2013 EARTHSCI 180: Introduction to earth and environmental science research design Nevle, R.
EnvRes 200/EarthSys 200 Fall 2014 Sustaining Action: Research, Analysis and Writing for the Public (SAGE) Hayden, T.
EARTHSCI 100 Spring 2015 Scientific research preparation for undergraduates Cina, S
PWR 2JS Fall 2014 Eureka!: The Rhetoric of the Scientist Jennifer Stonaker
PWR 1MGD Fall 2016 Who speaks for nature? Rhetorics of environmentalism and justice Gardiner, Mark
PWR 1AT Winter 2013 A Mountain for Itself: The Rhetoric of Wilderness Todhunter, A.
GS 150/GEOPHYS 199 Fall 2015 GS 150/GEOPHYS 199: Senior Seminar: Issues in Earth Sciences Bird, D and Sleep, N
GES 55Q Winter 2016 GES 55Q: The California Gold Rush Dennis K Bird

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