About us

Digital Library Systems and Services (DLSS) supports the mission of SUL by working in collaboration with relevant Stanford University Library units and individuals to:

  • plan, design, implement, and operate technology services, systems, and infrastructure for the Stanford University Libraries, including the library online catalog (SearchWorks) and component parts; web and access systems, digitization lab software (labware); and the core server, database, storage, backup and web infrastructure.
  • provision and manage digital resources for the Libraries through their complete lifecycle, including project management and digitization/preservation consulting; acquisition; digitization; data modeling and technical metadata design, specification, and generation; digital preservation; online access; and overall management of digital materials.
  • research, evaluate, design, and implement emerging technology, standards and methodologies for digital collection development and management, digital preservation (including the Stanford Digital Repository), online access to library resources, and the related library infrastructure to support all of the above.

DLSS builds upon purchased systems, locally developed tools, and increasingly, public domain software. For each of these, DLSS provides significant local integration and enhancement, plus ongoing support of these applications and their technical environments. The group also actively participates in and contributes to the library, higher education and open source communities around technologies, methods, and standards.

DLSS leadership


Tom Cramer.  Assistant University Librarian and Director of Digital Library Systems and Services
Tom oversees the development and implementation of Stanford’s digital library services for digitization, discovery, delivery, preservation, and management of digital resources that support teaching, learning, and research. Tom directs the Stanford Digital Repository, the development of SearchWorks, the Libraries' technical approach to its linked data infrastructure.

Hannah FrostManager, Digital Library Product & Service Management
Hannah leads DLSS's efforts to prioritze and drive the definition of customer-driven development efforts and for ensuring a holistic approach to delivering technology-based services.  Hannah leads a team of product and service managers focused on delivering solutions that encompass all areas of products and services such as support, documentation, and ongoing enhancements.  Hannah oversees the Stanford Media Preservation Lab and currently serves as the Product Manager of the Hydra-in-a-Box project.

Lynn McRae.  Information Architect and Infrastructure Services Manager
As information architect, Lynn oversees the data models and the overall architecture that govern the assembly, accessioning, preservation and delivery of objects in the digital library. He also manages a team of developers that help realize an integrated infrasctructure as part of the DLSS-wide effort to create and enhance its digital library services.

Stu Snydman. Associate Director for Digital Strategy
Stuart directs SUL’s digital library access program, overseeing development of its various discovery and delivery services.  He also helps steer the library’s digitization program, directing the operations of its six digital imaging labs.   Stuart also co-leads the Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research (CIDR), SUL’s digital humanities and computational social sciences research and development group, working with faculty to leverage digital technologies to advance their research.