MDU special projects

This content for the SUL metadata team and metadata specialists from other institutions.

No. Projects  Description  Date/s


   1. Metadata Department Drupal website Preparing webside for migration; organizing, editing, and adding documentation to the Metadata Department's Drupal website 2009-
   2. Drupal Hebraica NACO Funnel website Migrating the NACO Hebraica Funnel website to Drupal 2010
   3. eLoader SFX/MarcIt error reports for serials Resolving eLoader record problems for serials such as mismatched URLs, duplicate records, and deletions that were not handled by the eLoader Dec. 2007-
   4. Archive-It Metadata Providing Dublin Core metadata for government and government-related web sites archived by James Jacobs (the International Documents Librarian, Green--SSRC) in Archive-It, an archive of web sites hosted by the Internet Archive Oct. 2000-
   5. McLaughlin Map Project (digital) Consulting on metadata and MODs records; providing authority metadata and URIs for names associated with the maps in the collection Aug. 2010-2013
   6. David Rumsey Maps Collection

Consulting on metadata and MODs records for digital and physical maps and atlases

March 2012

Renaissance Exploration Map Collection

Consulting on metadata and MODs records

May 2012
   5. Maps of Africa (digital) Consulting on metadata and MODs records; providing authority metadata and URIs for names associated with the maps in the collection April 2011-
   7. Electronic theses & dissertations (ETD): NACO Creating name authority records in the National Authority File (NAF) for advisers on Stanford dissertations submitted electronically and importing them to the SULAIR catalog 2010-
   8. Documentary MA/MFA film theses Working with the Art Library, creating policies and a template for the cataloging of DVDs or first and second year Documentary Film student films 2010-
   9. Preserving Virtual Worlds Multi-institution project on preserving virtual worlds in computer gaming: metadata consultation  
  10. RDA (Resource, Description & Access) Test Participating in the official U.S. RDA test coordinated by the national libraries Oct. -Dec. 2010
  11. SearchWorks Search Quality Team (a.k.a. Gryph-Search) Addressing issues relating to quality of search results, including indexing and display (working under the auspices of the SearchWorks Steering Committee) Feb. 2009-
  12. SULAIR Linked Data To plan and deploy enhancements to discovery environments based on Linked Data technologies Aug. 2010-
  13. RSS feeds for SUL/AIR Providing classification mapping to facilitate automated RSS feeds for new SUL acquisitions 2006-Oct. 2013
  14.  Wayne S. Vucinich Collection De-dupping of the collection of ca. 4000 volumes (137 boxes); currently stored in SAL/2 (expected duplicate rate 50% or higher) Dec. 2010-Dec. 2011
  15.  Databases A-Z Helping maintain the "Databases" page on SULAIR's website by adding/updating descriptions and/or subjects of over 1,000 individual databases Sept. 2006



  16.  EEMs Providing full cataloging for locally stored copies of digital materials selected by curators 2010-
  17.  Baron Manuscripts Cataloging of a collection of 45 Yemenite manuscripts 2009-March 2011
  18.  Austro-Hungarian high school reports Cataloging of approx. 700 pre-WWII German-language high school reports (chiefly serials) formerly shelved in SAL (AC831 classification) March-June 2011
  19.  Electronic CIP (ECIP) ECIP Partner in LC-coordinated project: creating cataloging-in-publication records for Stanford University Press and Hoover Institution Press publications Dec. 2007-
  20.  Women in the Director's Chair Project leader for cataloging a collection of videos from the Women in the Director's Chair festival  2006-
  21.  Film Arts Foundation collection Cataloging of a collection of audio tapes from the Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco 2010-



  22.  Hoover Serials, Government Documents,  and Society Publications Transfers Bibliographic enhancement, cataloging, and holdings maintenance (including de-duping) the serials, government documents, and society publications March 2010-March 2011
  23.  Serials Maintenance Bibliographic enhancement, cataloging, holdings maintenance, and problem resolution of serials and microforms records March 2010-
  24.  Post-Marcadia Copy-cataloging approximately 31,600 uncataloged items in SUL's collection;  Level3 cataloging for items without copy March 2010-March 2011
  25. Authorities maintenance Working with files from our authorities vendor, identifing changes and conflicts in name, series, and subject headings and correcting access points in bibliographic records in Symphony March 2010-march 2011
  26. International Dissertations Copy-cataloging and Level3 cataloging of approximately 13,430 international dissertations (currently at SAL 1&2) March 2011- 2012
  27. Slavic Materials Cataloging Cataloging at the appropriate level various new and “in-process” Slavic collections; copy and original cataloging of materials in Hungarian

Feb. 2011-Jan. 2012






J. Dyla, Metadata Department, Stanford University Libraries
Last updated: October 22, 2013