Routing to MDU

Subject routing of current incoming within the Metadata Department

Monograph Receiving criteria for materials not cataloged itemizes the following categories for routing to Data Control for MDU processing:

  • Rush, Course Reserves, IC, HARSC, SSRC, Branch Reference locations, Notifies, SCP, HAS-Newbks, HAS-Fiction, SSRC-Newbks without valid LC subject headings and New Analyzed Terminal Set items.
  • Books with accompanying materials where the accompanying material is NOT in PAPER format. (Paper formats include errata, addenda, maps, charts, plans). The book is the main work.
  • Extremely complex copy cataloging or mhlds.
  • Microforms and Guides to microforms following Microform routing procedure.

Using the following criteria, Data Control staff perform minimal subject analysis of the incoming materials to determine the appropriate MDU routing.
910 fields are added to the Symphony Bib record for the purpose of tracking materials through processing.

Type Material description Route to:
Art & Architecture Art, architecture, painting, photo, etc. KRT
Belles Lettres Fiction, novel, roman

Languages other than Slavic+ - CLASS: DCW

Slavic+ - GVL

Biographies Written history of a person's life. Determine if the biography covers a specific subject area. If yes, route by subject. If no, route as Social Sciences By subject, or MWH
Chilean imprints Materials published in Chile. Dec. 2007 - change in policy. Treat Chilean imprints as all other incoming and route by subject. Route by Subject
Derived Original The SUL definition of derived original includes:
  • different editions by the same publishers
  • editions by a different publisher
  • reprint and facsimile editions
  • photocopies
  • translations
  • different bibliographic formats
  • microforms
  • foreign language records

NOTE: Copy must have valid LC subjects to be routed as derived original; otherwise route to CLASS for MDU option

Dictionaries Determine if the dictionary covers a specific subject area. If yes, route by subject. If no, route as Social Sciences By subject, or RJR
East Asian language materials Gift or bulk items in East Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) should not have Symphony records created by Metadata. Deliver to Charles Fosselman, EAL, Lathrop
Government documents Materials published by a governmental body RJR
Greek Greek language materials (Ancient and Modern) CLASS: DWA
Humanities Anthropology, Archaeology, Cinema, Fine Arts, Genealogy, History, Military Science, Naval Science, Numismatics, Philosophy, Psychology, Recreation, Religion, Theatre, Travel HKT, MWH; if Art - KRT
Internet printout Materials printed off the web

Should not come to MDU.

Use Internet cataloging request form

Judaica, Hebraica Hebrew language materials HGL
Language & Literature Communication, Journalism, Philology, Literary Criticism, Linguistics HKT, MWH
Microform Microfilm, microfiche, microprint EB (CLASS Unit); HGL (Hebraica); BA (Persian or Arabic)
Middle East language material

Gift or bulk items in Middle Eastern languages do not have Symphony records created or loaded by Metadata

BA (Persian, Arabic, or Arabic script); ATE (Turkish); PAD (South Asian not Arabic script)

Slavic music materials (Books about music, composers, etc.)

Scores and sound recordings


Send through ID mail to Music Library

Non-book, non-print materials CD, DVD, electronic formats GDG
Photocopies Photocopies of published works (Treat as derived original, unless an added copy of a monograph held by Stanford, in which case, process as added copy, include a local 590 note for the photocopy and add an 'a' to the end of the date in the call number.)

NOTE: Copy must have valid LC subjects to be routed as v.e., otherwise route to CLASS for MDU option

Do not confuse with internet printouts with http: addresses
Print material when record for internet resource exists Item is a print version and the same full text is available through the internet, with a Symphony record existing.

Note: If the print material has url link information, but no internet resource record exists in Symphony, process the item following standard procedures, adding the link following the Free internet resource guidelines.
TBD as Derived Original
RUSH materials With valid LC subject/s, no call number


Belles Lettres non Slavic+:DCW


RUSH materials Without valid LC subject/s to MDU by subject
Sciences Hard sciences: Agriculture, Biology, Engineering, Geography, Math, Medicine, Physics, Technology JKD for further distribution
SCP Blue slips Shared Cataloging Program KRT
Serials The term serial is applied in library and information science to materials "in any medium issued under the same title in a succession of discrete parts, usually numbered (or dated) and appearing at regular or irregular intervals with no predetermined conclusion." A publication issued in successive parts, intended to be continued indefinitely. Typically, a serial contains a collection of articles by different authors, often in a particular subject area. Serials are also known as Journals and Periodicals.
    Do not create records. Deliver to MDU serials incoming shelf.

New titles: KRT 

Added issues to existing records: Data Control

Individual issues received as a monograph cannot be cataloged as serials: to MDU by subject

Slavic Slavic language materials without subjects, including Music/ARS location LWC
Social Sciences Bibliography, Booksellers, Book Stores, Diplomacy, Economics, Education, Law, Library Science, Political Sciences, Publishers, Social Studies, Sociology , Urban development MWH, RJR
Variant edition See derived original  

Non-Slavic Music and ARS materials received should be returned to the supervisor of Monograph Receiving for routing directly to MUSIC/ARS. Metadata Services does not process non-Slavic music materials.