Serials maintenance requests

This content is for SUL metadata team and metadata specialists from other institutions.

Routine serials maintenance

Send to Data Control Unit, Lathrop Library, 3rd floor:

  • transfers (includes: moving barcoded item records, changing the location in the MHLD, creating a new MHLD if necessary, relinking orders)
  • withdrawals
  • relinking new holdings (MHLDs) after a copy is transferred
  • fixing simple bibliographic data errors such as typos
  • adding copies (paper request only - no item in hand)
  • correcting simple call number data errors (e.g., wrong class scheme, missing |z, inconsistent volume designation, etc.)
  • adding volumes to already cataloged titles (including adding volumes received as part of a large Collection)

Send to Serials Receiving and Maintenance, Acquisitions Dept., Lathrop Library, 4th floor:

  • holdings statements (MHLDs) updates
  • creating new holdings statements (MHLDs)
  • relinking and updating control records
  • closing records that have ceased (bibliographic portion and holdings (MHLDs). Including records for electronic serials with a physical carrier (CD-ROMs, diskettes, etc.))
  • adding ISSNs (to records without ISSNs)
  • invalid ISSNs
  • changing "latest in" information in the MHLD (e.g., location where the latest issues are kept changes, or the latest issues are no longer kept in a special location, etc.)

Serials cataloging maintenance

Send to Metadata Development Unit, Lathrop Library, 3rd floor, Attn: Kay Teel:

  • title changes (include detailed holdings of the old title)
  • heading changes (organizations, conferences, uniform titles, etc.)
  • classification changes
  • subject heading changes
  • frequency changes
  • changed ISSNs
  • uniform title additions
  • complex bibliographic relationships that often require the creation of new record
  • adding copies for items in hand (request sent with item)
  • format changes
  • maintenance that requires knowledge of cataloging in specific language
  • maintenance that requires judgment based on cataloging knowledge
  • creating records for existing titles for which no record can be found in Symphony
  • "unusual" requests
KRT, MDU, Stanford University Libraries
Last modified: November 17, 2008