Chinese special collections

The Chinese special collections at the East Asia Library includes small numbers of rare books, several personal collections, photographs, rare Republican-era materials, and comic book collections. Listed below are the introductions to a few selected collections.

Bai Mao Nü

Chinese Comic Books

Chinese comic books (连环画) are a popular medium to entertain and to educate the public in China. The content ranges from Chinese literary classics, fiction, non-fiction, translated literature; historical fiction, fairy tales, myths, folklore, biography, etc. With the increasing research interest on Chinese visual art, popular culture, and media, the value of the comic books as research materials has caught a lot attention among academics in recent years. At Stanford East Asia library, we have about 300 comic books.

YWCA photo

Anderson Photograph Collection of YWCA in China, 1920s-1940s

Miss Elsie Anderson spent seventeen years in China as a Secretary for Young Women's Christian Association of China (YWCA) 中華基督教女青年會 between 1920s-1940s. She went to China around 1918 and worked in YWCA organizations in various places, including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shandong, Tianjin, etc. She was also involved with True Light Middle School in Guangzhou (真光女子中学). The private photography collection of Elsie Anderson was donated to the East Asia Library Special Collections by the relative of Miss Elsie Anderson in 2010.

Ba Xian dang an

Huang-Bernhardt Collection of Chinese Legal Documents

Philip C. C. Huang and Kathryn Bernhardt are Professors of Chinese History at UCLA. Prof. Huang is the founding director of UCLA’s Center for Chinese Studies, and the founding editor of the journal Modern China. He pioneered the use of central and local archives (in conjunction with ethnographic surveys) to study China’s social, economic and legal history. In particular, he was the first scholar anywhere to exploit significant numbers of legal case records from Chinese local courts, and his books and articles on civil law in China have dramatically changed our understanding of that topic.