East Asia Library

The National Assembly Library (?????) and the National Library of Korea (???????) provide many full-text e-resources in their online catalogs. Due to copyright issues, however, these full-text resources are available at three different levels.

  1. available to users worldwide who have access to their online catalogs
  2. available only to users who are either at the workstations in the two national libraries or at several designated workstations in libraries that signed cooperative agreements with the two Korean national libraries. Stanford University Libraries signed agreements with the two national libraries of Korea.
  3. available only to users who are using workstations in the two national libraries

The National Assembly Library’s online catalog

The National Library of Korea’s online catalog

The National Library of Korea Digital Library (only for full-text resources)

In order to see full-texts, some viewer programs that are provided by the libraries need to be installed on your workstation. The National Assembly Library also requires free registration with the Library.

If you would like to view/print the e-resources available by the agreement signed with these institutions, you need to come to the East Asia Library on the 4th floor of Meyer Library. We currently have one designated workstation.  Icons for the two digital libraries have been created; and all necessary viewers have been installed on the workstation. Please do not install any other programs on the workstation. When you click to open a full-text, you may see a pop-up note that indicates that there will be a copyright fee charged. Stanford University Libraries will pay for the copyright fees for opening and printing the resources. However, you need to pay the fees that you normally pay when you print documents from the Library workstations.

If you encounter any problems when using these services, please report to the service desk or contact the Korean Studies Librarian, Kyungmi Chun, 724-5934).