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Why our donors are so special

Many of the libraries at Stanford have supporters who offer materials to the collections or who volunteer money to keep the libraries functioning. We thank them for providing special support for particular library programs, endowments for materials on subjects of interest, or even funding access to basic necessities for the scholars who use Stanford’s Libraries.

In addition to special print collections left to the Terman Library by the Rogers Engineering Company and Professors Stephen Timoshenko, Frederick Terman and Irmgard Flügge-Lotz, we also have a number of endowed funds that enhance our acquisition budget.

We are aware the shift to electronic formats makes the contribution of our donors less obvious. This is an attempt to recognize their ongoing generosity. We are fortunate to have many supporters, some dating back to very early in the University’s history.

Some of the funds that support our library

  • Edward Sun Ahn Endowed Book Fund for Chemical Engineering
  • James R. (Richmond) Barnes Memorial Fund
  • Carl Breer Library Endowment Fund for Automotive and Vehicular Mechanical Engineering
  • Gordon B. & Mary L. Crary Endowed Book Fund for Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
  • Philip B. Gallagher Memorial Fund for Radio Science
  • Kenneth and Connie Hess Endowed Book Fund
  • Melvin Leigh Ho Memorial Fund for Civil Engineering
  • F. Warren Munro Civil Engineering Memorial Fund
  • Ralph Cather Myers Fund for General Engineering
  • Hiroshi Herbert Nishino Memorial Fund for Acoustics and Sound Engineering
  • Peter T. Robustelli Jr. Book Fund for Engineering & Computer Science
  • Ralph S. Rose Fund for Civil Engineering
  • Clayton Sundermeyer Endowed Book Fund for Operations Research
  • Richard and Sharon Thomas Endowed Book Fund for General Science & Engineering
  • Cecil van Asch van Wyck Endowed Book Fund for Mechanical Engineering
  • Bradley W. Wyatt Memorial Fund for Civil Engineering

In the 21st Century

The generosity of donors to the Terman Library have made possible the collection of an outstanding research book collection for the use of students and scholars, but that is only the most visible result of their uses. In recent years these endowed funds have allowed experimentation and expansion into new areas of research materials that would probably not have been possible without these donations.  

To learn more you can download our brochure about our donors.

If you're interested in donating a book fund, a monetary donation or a major book collection to the Terman Library please contact the Library Development Office at 650-723-3866 or visit their website.

The Donated Materials Process at the Engineering Library

The Frederick Emmons Terman Engineering Library at Stanford welcomes small donations of scholarly materials. Since the primary purpose of our donation review program is to acquire materials that will be added to our collection, we cannot accept gifts that have not had prior review by our staff. We do not accept outdated textbooks.  For donations of large book collections, or monetary donations please contact the Library Development Office at 650-723-3866 or visit their website.

When a list of proposed gift titles is received it is checked against the library collection. Items we do not own are routed to the appropriate subject specialist to be considered for addition to the collection. A bookplate with the donor’s name will be put in any books we retain, if desired by the donor.

Gifts are only accepted unconditionally; that is, the Engineering Library reserves the right to determine the disposition of the donated materials. Unwanted materials are generally sold to second hand book dealers, and the funds from those sales used to purchase new material for the Library.

Although the Library does acknowledge receipt of gifts, we cannot provide donors with appraisals of the gifts for tax purposes. If a donor requires an appraisal, we recommend that he or she consult an independent appraiser prior to making the donation, or use a list of the donated titles to check against used book seller inventories for approximate current valuations.

Used Bookseller Sites (for market valuation)


If the Engineering Library cannot use your donations, please consider the following:

Bridge to Asia
This organization has a drop off point in Hayward, CA.  Contact Bridge to Asia directly after you have dropped off your books so they can acknowledge your gift and provide a receipt.

Bridge to Asia, MEB Distributing, 25014 Viking Street, Hayward, CA 94545-2704 - accepts walk-in donations most week days (except legal holidays). The telephone contact is, 510-887-8378. Bridge to Asia website:

Better World Books
Founded in 2002, Better World Books sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide. Discussion of what they will and will not take can be found at:
Contact them at: