Course reserves

Reserves information for students

Checking out reserve materials

Consult the Searchworks reserves catalog  to identify items on reserve for your class. You can look reserve titles up by course number or instructor name. Request the items at the circulation desk by call number. Most reserve materials circulate for two hours. Items may be checked out overnight two hours before the library closes and must be returned within the first 30 minutes after opening on the following day. Please return reserve materials directly to the circulation desk staff. Because ready and equal access to reserve materials is critical to the academic enterprise, stiff fines are assessed for items recalled for use as reserves and for reserve items kept beyond their loan period. Help keep reserve items available for your colleagues by returning them on schedule.

Reserves information for faculty

Submitting reserve requests

Please submit your course reserves using the form here: Submitting your course reserve list four weeks in advance of the first class meeting will insure the material will be ready for your students. The default loan period for reserve items is 2 hours, but other loan periods can be arranged on request.

For more information about Course Reserves, please visit the Green Library Course Reserves page.

Please note:

  • The same Reserves list may be reused in future quarters. Just pull up the previous list, edit if desired, and click send. No need to retype the same titles again every year.
  • You can use this same form for submitting reserves for all the University Libraries.
  • Only the instructor (per the Registrar's course data information) may create the initial reserves request. Once logged into the new form, the instructor may immediately add the SUNET IDs of others to populate the reserves request form. Again, only the instructor's SUNET ID is initially authorized to create the reserves request form.

About reserve materials


The library encourages the use of e-book reserves whenever possible. We will search all of the library licensed content sources for e-book versions of the books you want to place on reserve and notify you when we find matching titles.

Print Book Reserves

It takes an average of six weeks to order, receive, and process print books that are not in our collection before we can add them to the reserve section. We will also search all of the library licensed content sources for e-book versions of the books you want to place on reserve. Please see our guide at the bottom of this page for the information we need.

Homework sets, sample tests, course notes 

We strongly encourage you to include these materials in the Canvas site for your course. These items can be scanned and then linked to your site, making them available to students outside of the library hours of operation.

For personal copies: please attach a note with the instructor's name and campus address so items may be returned at the end of the quarter. Copies of homework sets, course notes, case studies, etc. should be clearly labeled as such. Up to five photocopies of copyrighted materials are permitted for class use by the fair use doctrine.

For personal videos, CD’s or DVD’s: please clearly label with the course number, instructor's name and include a campus address for return at the end of the quarter.

Exams are listed separately from the course reserves and the loan period is always set at 2-hours or less depending on demand.

If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Library Circulation Desk Staff at