Introduction to the BioCyc Microbial Genomes and Metabolic Pathways Web Portal


Date and Time 
January 31, 2018
1:30pm to 2:30pm
Robin Li and Melissa Ma Science Library Training Room, Room 402 Sapp Center

Limited to current Stanford faculty, staff, and students of Stanford University.

Event Sponsor 
Stanford Libraries and SRI International.
650-723-1528 is an extensive and user-friendly genome informatics portal containing 10,900 microbial genomes. This one-hour tutorial will show you how to use several aspects of BioCyc:
1. A basic introduction to BioCyc including database selection, gene and metabolite searches, and navigating genome-scale metabolic map diagrams.
2. SmartTables are a facility for storing and analyzing lists of genes and metabolites. For example, import a gene list of interest and with a few clicks convert it to a list of all pathways containing those genes, a list of all genes that regulate those genes, or a list of all amino-acid sequences for the gene products.
3. BioCyc contains many comparative operations including a multi-organism search, comparative genome browser, and extensive ortholog information.