At a glance

Falconer Biology Library


Selected recent e-books are listed below in broad subject categories. Use SearchWorks to find more e-books available at Stanford.

General biology

  1. Thomas Wetter ; with contributions by George Demiris, Amanda K. Hall, Andrea Hartzler, Jina Huh, Georgios Raptis and Lisa M. Vizer. 2016

  2. edited by Mark Waugh. 2016

  3. edited by David Edwards. 2016

  4. edited by Alberto Sanchez-Diaz, Pilar Perez. 2016

Molecular biology

Human physiology

  1. John V. Forrester, Andrew D. Dick, Paul G. McMenamin, Fiona Roberts, Eric Pearlman. 2016

  2. edited by Miguel Angel Reina, José Antonio De Andrés, Admir Hadzic, Alberto Prats-Galino, Xavier Sala-Blanch, André A.J. van Zundert. 2015

  3. Michael A. Adams. 2015

  4. Werner Platzer ; illustrations by Gerhard Spitzer. 2015