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Physical properties of materials

Last Updated: 30-Jul-2014

A listing of selected online and print resources for research in the physical properties of materials.  The Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library has the most print resources, but there are many online options as well.

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Databases and online subscription resources

The Aerospace Structural Metals Database (ASMD) contains more than 80,000 data curves on over 231 alloys used in the aerospace, power generation, defense, research, and academic sectors.
Explore, search and view more than 11,000 binary and ternary phase diagrams and associated phase data for more than 2400 systems.
Schenectady, N.Y. : Genium Pub. Corp., c1984-
Engineering Library (Terman) » Stacks, non-circulating item » TN690.4 .M6 1984 V.1
This is the classic print only version originally published by General Electric Company, Corporate Research and Development Division. It is not available online.
Contains experimental data on phase equilibria as well as caloric data, transport and surface properties with bibliographic information.  Numerical data on approximately 200 thermodynamic and physical properties, which are combinable with 25 conditions and 22 equilibrium types. 
Includes properties such as Abbe number, Refractive index, Dispersion data, and Transmittance curves of commercially-available optical and filter glasses from 16 manufacturers around the world.
West Lafayette, IN : CINDAS LLC
The MPMD contains data and information on thermal, mechanical, electrical and physical properties of electronics packaging materials. It covers over 1025 materials, 388 properties, and contains approximately 22,500 data curves.
[Washington, D.C.] : National Institute of Standards and Technology, [1998]
A comprehensive source for chemical and physical property data for chemical compounds.
[Frankfurt, Germany ; New York, NY] : Elsevier
Search the Beilstein, Gmelin and Patent Chemistry Databases.
Based on the Landolt-Börnstein New Series, this is a unique, fully evaluated data collection in all areas of physical sciences and engineering.
This is the searchable, electronic version of Thermophysical Properties of Matter, the TPRC data series. It contains over 4,900 materials categorized into 85 material groups, 87 properties, and over 50,000 data curves.
Physical, thermodynamic, vapor pressure, critical constants, environmental, exposure limits, and other important properties for the chemical elements. Coverage for Ac to Zr elements.

Internet resources for physical properties of materials