This guide includes information on preprint collections.


What are preprints?

Preprints offer free submission, distribution, and archive services for unpublished articles.  Preprints give researchers an opportunity to share early results with colleagues and respond to comments and recommendations for improvement, ahead of formal peer review and publication.

Because some journals will not accept manuscripts published previously as a preprint, authors should check submission guidelines.  Publishers' policies are evolving rapidly, with an increasing number of flagship journals accepting manuscripts that were first published as preprints.

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Articles and reports

  • Tennant, Jonathan, Serge Bauin, Sarah James, and Juliane Kant. 2018. “The Evolving Preprint Landscape: Introductory Report for the Knowledge Exchange Working Group on Preprints.” BITSS. May 17. doi:10.31222/ (accessed 17 October 2018)