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Rhetoric of bioethics and biopolitics

PWR1 GNV - Winter 2014 - Instructor: Varsava ,N
Last Updated: 17-Jan-2014

A guide to research resources for PWR1 GNV: Rhetoric of Bioethics and Biopolitics. Topics include birth control, stem cell research, cloning, euthanasia, animal testing, genetic modification, and life enhancement and extension.

Subject Librarians

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Subjects to explore

The following are links to subject searches in Searchworks. You can use these to explore high level topics. Use the facets on the left in the results to narrow the term.

Article resources

Use these resources to search for articles on your topic.

Beltsville, Md. : The Library, <1970>-
[New York?] : Thomson Reuters.
Wallingford, Oxfordshire : CAB International, [19--]-
[S.l.] : Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, [199-]-
[Ipswich, Mass.] : EBSCO Pub.
Bethesda, MD : National Center for Biotechnology Information, [1997]-
Philadelphia, PA : Institute for Scientific Information, c1998-

Manage your references

As you're collecting references for your assignments, you might want to try using a reference manager, like RefWorks.  RefWorks not only tracks your papers, it helps you write your bibliography.