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One of the study areas in the Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library


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Chemistry & Chemical Engineering study area


The back reading room in the chemistry study area contains an abundance of natural light and two large tables that are great for spreading out your research materials.

The reference room contains an abundance of natural lighting, too, as well as four large tables.  A scanning workstation is located by the front entrance. People in room are usually quiet, but space is occasionally used by people working in groups.

The computer cluster at the far end of the study area doubles as a training area and open computer cluster. It contains natural light, four lounge chairs, several computers, electrical outlets for laptop users, three dual-boot cluster computers, a microform reader/printer, and ethernet ports.

The study area's back alcove contains a table with three chairs, a whiteboard, a large monitor, and two lounge chairs for quiet conversation and group study. 


cash-to-card machine
color printer
public computer
Stanford-only computer

Place to Study

conversation allowed
electrical outlets
group study
large tables
public computer
Stanford-only computer