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Group study space on the 2nd floor of Meyer Library


  • (650) 723-9407
2nd floor

2nd floor Tech Desk & group study area

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2nd floor Tech Desk & group study area


This study area offers 22 dual-boot Mac/Windows computers, color and grayscale printers, laptop-support displays, group study areas, moveable furniture, wide-screen monitors, and a projection system.

The Meyer Technology Service Desk provides access to a wide variety of multimedia equipment and accessories available for checkout, including camcorders, laptops, and projectors. You can even buy things like blank DVDs and new batteries.

Additionally, students who work at the Meyer Technology Service Desk can answer a wide variety of image, audio, and video editing questions. You can also ask them for quick fixes regarding your laptop (though in-depth or more complex questions should be directed to your RCC).

The Multimedia Studio (MMS) is a drop-in facility for all Stanford affiliates, featuring production equipment and software. We have a fleet of 8-Core Mac Pro towers that come fully loaded with Apple Final Cut Studio, Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection, and a variety of other software packages for image, audio, and video editing. We also provide flatbed scanners with auto-document feeders, world-format VCRs, and dual-monitor displays.





color printer
oversize/poster printer
Stanford-only computer

Place to Study

coffee nearby
conversation allowed
electrical outlets
group study
individual study
large tables
open late
Stanford-only computer