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AUTHOR: Adams, Scot.
TITLE: Dynamics on Lorentz manifolds / Scot Adams.
IMPRINT: River Edge, NJ : World Scientific, c2001.
CALL: QA613 .A412 2001

AUTHOR: Albahari, Ben.
TITLE: C# essentials.
IMPRINT: Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly, c2002.
CALL: QA76.73 .C154 A418 2002

AUTHOR: Art-QoS2003 (2003:Warsaw, Poland)
TITLE: Architectures for quality of service in the Internet: international workshop, Art-QoS2003, Warsaw, Poland, March24-25, 2003: proceedings/Wojciech Burakowski, Berthold Koch, AndrzejB*eben (eds)
IMPRINT: NewYork: Springer, 2003.
CALL: TK5105.875 .I57 A783 2003

AUTHOR: Bose, Sanjay K.
TITLE: An introduction to queueing systems / Sanjay K. Bose.
IMPRINT: New York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, c2002.
CALL: QA274.8 .B67 2002

AUTHOR: BPM2003 (2003:Eindhoven, Netherlands)
TITLE: Business process management: international conference, BPM2003, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, June2003, proceedings / Wilvander Aalst, Arthurter Hofstede, Mathias Weske,eds.
IMPRINT: NewYork: Springer, 2003.
CALL: HF5548.2. B674 2003

AUTHOR: Brookshear, J. Glenn.
TITLE: Computer science: an overview /J. Glenn Brookshear.
IMPRINT: Boston: Addison Wesley, c2003.
CALL: QA76. B743 2003

AUTHOR: Brownell, David.
TITLE: SAX2/DavidBrownell.
IMPRINT: Sebastopol, CA:O'Reilly, c2002.
CALL: QA76.76. H94 B789 2002

AUTHOR: Capper, D. M. (Derek M.), 1947-
TITLE: Introducing C++ for scientists, engineers, and mathematicians/ Derek Capper.
IMPRINT: London ; New York : Springer, 2001.
CALL: QA76.73 .C153 C36 2001

AUTHOR: Cartan, Elie, 1869-1951.
TITLE: Riemannian geometry in an orthogonal frame : from lectures delivered by �lie Cartan at the Sorbonne in 1926-27 / translated from Russian by Vladislav V. Goldberg ; foreword by S. S. Chern.
IMPRINT: River Edge, NJ : World Scientific, c2001.
CALL: QA649 .C3413 2001

AUTHOR: CAV (Conference)(15th: 2003:Boulder, Colo.)
TITLE: Computer aided verification: 15th international conference, CAV2003, Boulder, CO, USA, July8-12, 2003: proceedings / Warren A. Hunt, Jr., Fabio Somenzi (eds.).
IMPRINT: Berlin; NewYork: Springer, 2003.
CALL: QA76.76 .E93 C38 2003

AUTHOR: Cerami, Ethan.
TITLE: Web services essentials.
IMPRINT: Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly, c2002.
CALL: QA76.76 .H94 C47 2002

AUTHOR: Chang, Shih-sen
TITLE: Iterative methods for nonlinear operator equations in banach spaces / Shih-Sen Chang,Yeol Je Cho, and Haiyn Zhou, editors.
IMPRINT: Huntington, N.Y. : Nova Science, 2002.
CALL: QA329.8 .I84 2002

AUTHOR: Davey, B. A.
TITLE: Introduction to lattices and order/B.A. Davey,H.A. Priestley
IMPRINT: Cambridge, UK ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2002.
CALL: QA171.5 .D38 2002

AUTHOR: Deitmar, Anton.
TITLE: A first course in harmonic analysis / Anton Deitmar.
IMPRINT: New York : Springer, c2002.
CALL: QA403 .D44 2002

AUTHOR: Drayton, Peter.
TITLE: C # in a nutshell: a desktop quick reference/Peter Drayton, Ben Albahari & Ted Neward.
IMPRINT: Beijing; Cambridge, Mass.: O'Reilly, 2002.
CALL: QA76.73. C154 D73 2002

AUTHOR: Dror, Moshe.
TITLE: Modeling uncertainty : an examination of stochastic theory, methods, and applications / edited by Moshe Dror, Pierre L�cuyer, Ferenc Szidarovszky.
IMPRINT: Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2002.
CALL: QA274.2 .M63 2002

AUTHOR: Evans, Merran.
TITLE: Statistical distributions.
IMPRINT: New York : Wiley, 2000.
CALL: QA273.6 .E92 2000

AUTHOR: Garibaldi, Skip, 1972-
TITLE: Cohomological invariants in Galois cohomology /Skip Garibaldi, Alexander Merkurjev, Jean-Pierre Serre.
IMPRINT: Providence, R.I.: American Mathematical Society, c2003
CALL: QA169. G37 2003

AUTHOR: HSNMC2003 (2003:Estoril, Portugal)
TITLE: High-speed networks and multimedia communications: 6th IEEE international conference,HSNMC2003, Estoril, Portugal, July23-25, 2003: proceedings/M�rioMarquesFreire, Pascal Lorenz, MikeMyung-OkLee (eds.).
IMPRINT: Berlin; NewYork: Springer, c2003.
CALL: TK5103.35. I156 2003

AUTHOR: International Workshop on Multiple Classifier Systems (4th: 2003:Guildford, England)
TITLE: Multiple classifier systems: 4th international workshop, MCS2003, Guildford, UK, June11-13, 2003:proceedings/TerryWindeatt, Fabio Roli (eds.).
IMPRINT: Berlin; NewYork: Springer, c2003.
CALL: Q325.5 .M84 2003

AUTHOR: iTrust2003 (2003:H�erakleion, Greece)
TITLE: Trust management: first international conference, iTrust2003, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 28-30,2003:proceedings/ Paddy Nixon, Sotirios Terzis (eds.).
IMPRINT: Berlin; NewYork: Springer, 2003.
CALL: QA76.76 .R44 I38 2003

AUTHOR: Iyengar, S.S. (Sundararaja S.)
TITLE: Foundations of wavelet networks and applications/S. Sitharama Iyengar, E. C. Cho, Vir V. Phoha.
IMPRINT: Boca Raton, Fla.: Chapman & Hall/CRC, c2002.
CALL: QA76.87 .I94 2002

AUTHOR: Kerov, S.V. (Sergei Vasil evich), 1946-2000.
TITLE: Asymptotic representation theory of the symmetric group and its applications in analysis/ S.V. Kerov; translated by N. Tsilevich.
IMPRINT: Providence, R.I.: American Mathematical Society, c2003.
CALL: QA175. K4713 2003

AUTHOR: Kohonen, Teuvo.
TITLE: Self-organizing maps /Teuvo Kohonen.
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, 2001.
CALL: QA76.87 .K65 2001

AUTHOR: Langdon, W. B. (William B.)
TITLE: Foundations of genetic programming / William B. Langdon, Riccardo Poli.
IMPRINT: Berlin ; New York : Springer, c 2002
CALL: QA76.623 .L35 2002

AUTHOR: Lerdorf, Rasmus.
TITLE: Programming PHP.
IMPRINT: Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly, c2002.
CALL: QA76.73. P224 L47 2002

AUTHOR: Maedche, Alexander.
TITLE: Ontology learning for the semantic Web/by Alexander Maedche
IMPRINT: Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2002.
CALL: TK5105.888 .M33 2002

AUTHOR: Marcolli, Matilde.
TITLE: Seiberg-Witten gauge theory/ Matilde Marcolli.
IMPRINT: New Delhi: Hindustan Book Agency, c1999.
CALL: QA613.2. M374 1999

AUTHOR: Muster, John.
TITLE: UNIX made easy : Unix and Linux basics & beyond /John Muster
IMPRINT: New York : McGraw-Hill/Osborne, c2002.
CALL: QA76.76 .O63 M869 2002

AUTHOR: Musumeci, Gian-Paolo D.
TITLE: System performance tuning.
IMPRINT: Sebastopol, Calif. : O'Reilly, 2002.
CALL: QA76.76 .O63 M87 2002

AUTHOR: Nazaikinskii, V. E.
TITLE: Quantization methods in differential equations.
IMPRINT: London ; New York : Taylor & Francis, 2002.
CALL: QA372 .N39 2002

AUTHOR: Politis, Dimitris N.
TITLE: Subsampling / Dimitris N. Politis, Joseph P. Romano, Michael Wolf.
IMPRINT: New York : Springer, c1999.
CALL: QA276.7 .P646 1999

AUTHOR: Pugh, C. C. (Charles Chapman), 1940-
TITLE: Real mathematical analysis / Charles Chapman Pugh.
IMPRINT: New York : Springer, c2002.
CALL: QA300 .P994 2002

AUTHOR: Reiman, Istv�n.
TITLE: International Mathematical Olympiad, 1959-1999/Istv�nReiman; translated by J�nos Pataki, Andr�s Stipsitz, Csaba Szab�.
IMPRINT: London: Anthem Press, c2001.
CALL: QA43 .R44 2001

AUTHOR: Ross, Sheldon M.
TITLE: Simulation / Sheldon M. Ross.
IMPRINT: San Diego : Academic Press, c2002.
CALL: QA273 .R82 2002

AUTHOR: Samko, S. G. (Stefan Grigor'evich)
TITLE: Hypersingular integrals and their applications.
IMPRINT: London ; New York : Taylor & Francis, 2002.
CALL: QA311 .S26 2002

TITLE: Evolutionary optimization/edited by Ruhul Sarker, Masoud Mohammadian, Xin Yao.
IMPRINT: Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2002.
CALL: T57 .E96 2002

AUTHOR: Sorin, Sylvain.
TITLE: A first course on zero-sum repeated games.
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2002.
CALL: QA269 .S67 2002

AUTHOR: Stewart, Ian, 1945-
TITLE: Algebraic number theory and Fermat's last theorem / Ian Stewart, David Tall.
IMPRINT: Natick, Mass. : A.K. Peters, c2002.
CALL: QA247 .S76 2002

AUTHOR: Wolfe, David
TITLE: Puzzlers' tribute: a feast for the mind/ edited by David Wolfe and Tom Rodgers.
IMPRINT: Natick, Mass.: A.K.Peters, c2002.
CALL: QA95 .P89 2002

AUTHOR: XP 2003 (2003:Genoa, Italy)
TITLE: Extreme programming and agile processes in software engineering [electronic resource]: 4th international conference, XP 2003,Genova, Italy, May25-29, 2003: proceedings/Michele Marchesi, Giancarlo Succi (eds.).
IMPRINT: Berlin; HongKong: Springer-Verlag, c2003.
CALL: QA76.76 .D47 X63 2003

AUTHOR: Yu, Yanlin.
TITLE: The index theorem and the heat equation method/Yanlin Yu.
IMPRINT: Singapore; RiverEdge, NJ: WorldScientific, c2001.
CALL: QA614.92 .Y8 2001

New books by month received