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Symphonies nos. 3, 5 & 9; piano concerto no. 5

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Reproduction of the manuscripts, autographs and copies of the music of Ludwig von Beethoven, held in the music collection of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Title from guide. Issued in parts. Each part accompanied by user's guide containing indexes by microfiche no., manuscript no., and composer's work no.

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Facsimile editions are available for a variety of Beethoven's works, including solo, chamber, and symphonic works. 

  1. transcribed, edited and with a commentary by William Kinderman. 2003

    Music Library » Folio » ML96.4 .B415 ...

  2. Ludwig van Beethoven ; edited by William Drabkin. 2010

    Music Library » Folio » ML96.4 .B415 ...

  3. Music Library » Microtext » M/F 326

  4. mit erläuternden Bemerkungen von Karl-Heinz Köhler. 1977

    Music Library » Folio » ML96.4 .B415 NO.13 F

  5. Beethoven. 1968

    Music Library » Folio » ML96.4 .B415 ...