News, September 2015


Greetings all, and welcome back! Here are some updates on a variety of topics:


Making room in the stacks:

In recent years to book and score stacks were nearing or at capacity (and occasionally overflowing). We are now completing a major project to send older, lesser-used items to SAL3 storage, where they can be paged through SearchWorks. In the past year, Rich Powers transferred over 30,000 items from Music to SAL3 (thanks, Rich!). The collections on the lower level are now being shifted to make room for new materials, which we add at a rate of about 250 linear feet per year.  We hope to complete the shift by Spring 2016. 

Current numbers, by location: 

Books (ML + MT)
Music = 43,086
SAL3 = 19,037
Green = 11,728


Music = 40,784
SAL3 = 40,249
Green = 997


Music Reference Collection review

The Reference Collection underwent a careful review for the first time in many years. Because of the limited space for the collection, it is important to periodically remove volumes. The goal of the project was to identify titles or editions that are outdated or no longer needed, and to redefine what kinds of materials to place in the collection. Since the last review the increase in the digital availability of sources both new and old has grown dramatically and changed the face of research. While most of the volumes being transferred to other locations have been removed, you will see colored flags placed in volumes. The flags will help us identify titles needing further attention. Volumes removed from the reference room will be retained elsewhere, mostly in the stacks and SAL3.


Department publications

2015 is shaping up to be another extremely productive year for our faculty, students, staff and alumni.  Browse the 2015 list of publications here.  We strive to maintain a comprehensive list; you can help by alerting Ray of new and forthcoming books, scores, articles and recordings. Thanks!


Printing and copying:

These services, controlled by the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL), are undergoing upgrades to both equipment and methods of payment. Some of you may have noticed the delay in implementation, which was intended to be complete before the end of the Summer. We will send out more information as it becomes available. Your patience is appreciated.


Database news:

Access all of our music databases on this page. continues to offer live and delayed streaming webcasts of concerts and recitals from around the world, featuring the biggest names in classical music. Here's what's new.

The catalogue also contains 1600 archived films including operas, concerts, documentaries, master classes, and more.

The Alexander Street Press suite of streaming databases unveiled a new integrated interface.  You can do a global search or choose a single database. Alex Press currently streams 630,000 albums (over 8 million tracks) 

Kanopy is a new film database, and includes films on music, dance and theater, along with feature films and documentaries for film buffs of all stripes. 


ARS news

Earlier this year, the Archive of Recorded Sound (ARS) digitized video footage of Leon Theremin's visit to Stanford in 1991. In addition to participating in a symposium during his visit, hosted by CCRMA, Theremin was also guest of honor at a concert held in Frost Amphitheater on September 27, 1991 during the Stanford Centennial Finale Weekend. The video footage preserved by the ARS earlier in the year unfortunately only included part of this notable concert. It was found to be missing some key performances, including an arrangement of Rachmaninov's Vocalise, featuring Theremin's daughter Natasha Theremin playing the vocal parts on her father's instrument, accompanied by Max Mathews conducting the orchestral parts with his radio batons. This footage was presumed lost...until now.  Find out more and see a teaser extract of Theremin playing a Theremin here.

The ARS has now cataloged over 1000 piano roll from the Dennis Condon Collection of Player Pianos and Rolls with more being add each week. See the record in SearchWorks for more details.

The ARS continues to offer current Stanford students and faculty free digital copies of any item in the Archive for research purposes. See the Archive’s website for details.

The Player Piano Project is adding video clips including excerpts from the Spring Reactions to the Record concert with the Stanford Symphony Orchestra.  View them on the Project’s website.


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