2014 arrivals

Books, scores and recordings published by faculty, students, staff and alumni of the Stanford Music Department, the Music Lbrary, and the Archive of Recorded Sound. 

2014 Summer/Fall arrivals

SAL3 (off-campus storage) » For use in Green Library » ML5 .M95 V.86 2005
Includes "‘Though This Be Madness, Yet There is Method In’t’: A Counterfactual Analysis of Richard Wagner’s ‘Tannhäuser,’" by Ilias Chrissochoidis, Heike Harmgart, Steffen Huck, and Wieland Müller.
Music Library » Stacks » ML1 .E1258 V.21 2015
Includes "Cracking a centuries-old tradition," by Ross W. Duffin.
New York [etc.] G. Schirmer.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » ML5 .M98 V.95 2012
Includes "Parsifal in Yiddish? Why Not?," by Daniela Smolov Levy.
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 27856
Recorded at the Music Room at Hatchlands Park in Surrey. Read a recent interview with Mahan Esfahani on Presto Classical.
Saint Paul, Minn. [etc.]
Music Library » Stacks (Limited loan)
Includes "An Exuberant All-Saints Motet: Victoria's O Quam Gloriosum," by William Mahrt.
Includes contributions by Heather Hadlock.
[London, Oxford University Press]
Music Library » Stacks (Limited loan)
Includes "Search engines for digitally encoded scores," by Eleanor Selfridge-Field. This issue is available online to Stanford researchers.
Music Library » Stacks » ML410 .S3 S327 2014
Includes "The uncanny grace: Kleist between Rossini and Schubert," by Karol Berger.
"A stimulating and original rethinking of the music of the late eighteenth century... in prose as graceful and nimble as the music she discusses, Allanbrook elucidates the idiom of this period for contemporary readers. With notes, musical examples, and a foreword by editors Mary Ann Smart and Richard Taruskin--publisher's website.
The Arditti Quartet's 40th anniversary album, featuring soprano Claron McFadden.
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 26858
CD includes "Curb Weight Surgical Field," by Mark Applebaum.
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 26860
CD includes "Catfish," by Mark Applebaum.
Mainz, B. Schott's Söhne.
Music Library » Stacks » ML5 .D222 V.21
Includes "Traces of Meaning," by Hans Thomalla.
Includes "Marcello's Orientalism," by Eleanor Selfridge-Field (p. 205-222)
Includes "Music ethnography and recording technology in the unbound digital era," by Anna Schultz and Mark Nye (in volume 1); "The Mobile Phone Orchestra," by Ge Wang, Georg Essl, and Henri Penttinen; and "The world is your stage: making music on the iPhone," by Ge Wang (both in volume 2).
Includes "Absolute music" (p. 42-61) by Thomas Grey.
Music Library » Stacks » ML410 .W1 C36 2013
Contributors include Thomas Grey and Lydia Mayne.
London : Wigmore Hall Live, p2014.
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 26457
"With a programme of Byrd, Bach and Ligeti, and using two very different instruments, he shed light both on the harpsichord’s first heyday and on its second as 1970s avant-gardists awoke to its unique possibilities. And if this Iranian-American has carved out a niche as his instrument’s leading champion – his harpsichord Prom in 2011 was the first in that institution’s history – his success is founded on remarkable artistry. The Ligeti pieces were off-the-wall, and that was how he played them…"-- Michael Church, International Piano Magazine.

2014 Winter/Spring arrivals

Menlo Park, Calif. : [People 's Computer Co.,
Music Library » Recordings
Volume 38/2 (Summer 2014) includes "Ocarina: Designing the iPhone's Magic Flute," by Ge Wang. Stanford readers may access this issue online.
St. Joseph, Mich. : Imperial Printing Co., 1982-
Music Library » Stacks (Limited loan)
Volume 31/2 (Spring 2014) includes "The Ends of Music History, or: The Old Masters in the Supermarket of Cultures," by Karol Berger. Professor Berger also provides a response to Richard Taruskin's article, "Agents and Causes and Ends, Oh My." Stanford readers may access this issue online.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, c2004-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » ML5 .T94 V.9 2012
Volume 11/1 (March 2014), a special issue on transcription, includes "Between Composition and Transcription: Ferruccio Busoni and Music Notation," by Erinn Knyt. Stanford readers may access the article online.
[Ithaca, N.Y.] : Westfield Center
Archive of Recorded Sound » Reference
Volume V (2012) includes "Strungk's lament: on mothers, death, and counterpoint," by David Yearsley.
New York : Broude Trust, 2013.
Music Library » Stacks (Limited loan) » M3 .J19 2005 V.5
The arrival of volumes 5 and 6 completes our holdings of the collected works of Jacquet de la Guerre.
Cambridge, England ; New York : Cambridge University Press, c2007-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » ML1 .J756 V.6 2012
Volume 8/1 (February 2014) includes "Articulating and Contesting Cultural Hierarchies: Guatemalan, Mexican, and Native American Music at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915)," by Amanda Cannata. Stanford readers may access the article online.
Champaign, Ill. : Sonneck Society and the University of Illinois Press
Music Library » Stacks (Limited loan)
Volume 31/3 (Fall 2013) includes "Ferrucio Busoni and the New England Conservatory: Piano Pedagogue in the Making," by Erinn Knyt.
Includes "The Livenesses of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi's Popular Abhangas," by Anna Schultz.
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 26080
Mahan Esfahani's first solo album is BBC Music Magazine's recording of the month!
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, c1992-
Music Library » Stacks » ML169.8 .P6978 V.21 2012
Volume 24/1 (April 2014) includes "Staging violence, suffering and orthodoxy in the chants of the Spanish March," by Sebastián Salvadó. Stanford researchers mayview this article online.
San Francisco [etc.]: Computer Music Association,
Music Library » Stacks » ML36 .I6187 1987 PROGRAM
ICMC Proceedings 2012 include "Proceeding from performance: an ethnography of the Birmingham Laptop Ensemble," by Graham Booth and Michael Gurevich.
San Francisco [etc.]: Computer Music Association,
Music Library » Stacks » ML36 .I6187 1987 PROGRAM
ICMC Proceedings 2011 include "World stage: a crowdsourcing paradigm for social/mobile music," by Ge Wang, Jieun Oh, Spencer Salazar and Robert Hamilton; "Audience-participation techniques based on  social mobile computing," by Jieun Oh, Ge Wang; and "UDKOSC: an immersive musical environment," by Robert Hamilton.
Cambridge, England ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, c1989-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » ML1 .C177 V.23 2011
Volume 25/3 (November 2013) includes "Wagner and the 'Makart style'," by Thomas Grey. Stanford readers may view this article online.
Includes the essay "Monstrous noise: Silent Hill and the aesthetic economies of fear," by William Cheng.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, c2004-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » ML195 .E33 V.9 2012
Volume 11/1 (March 2014) includes "Transpositions of Spectacle and Time: The Entr'acte in the Tragédie en musique," by Blake Stevens. Stanford patrons may access this article online.
New York, NY : The Society, 1989-
Music Library » Stacks » ML933 .H673 V.26 2014
Includes "Voices in the desert: the trombone choir at the Martinez Indian Mission," by Stewart Carter.
Redland, Florida : Everglade Records, Inc., 2011.
Music Library » Recordings » (no call number)
[Richmond, Va., etc., American Musicological Society]
Music Library » Stacks » ML27 .A498 V.30 1977
Volume 66/3 (Fall 2013) includes "Pleasure's discontents," by William Cheng.
Music Library » Recordings » (no call number)
Andrew Fouts, baroque violin; Patricia Halverson, viola da gamba; Scott Pauley, theorbo and baroque guitar.
[Pittsburgh, Pa.] : Chatham Baroque, p2010.
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 26047
Andrew Fouts, baroque violin; Patricia Halverson, viola da gamba; Scott Pauley, theorbo and baroque guitar.
Cleveland, Oh : Quire Cleveland, 2013.
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 25985
Ross Duffin, Artistic Director; also featuring alto Beverly Simmons.
[Cleveland, Ohio] : Quire Cleveland, [2012]
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 25987
Ross Duffin, Artistic Director; also featuring alto Beverly Simmons.