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Friday, February 5, 2016

Arcadia Falcone
by Nancy Lorimer

It gives me great pleasure to announce the arrival of Arcadia Falcone as the new Metadata Coordinator. Arcadia, who started February 1, has the challenge of assessing and coordinating descriptive metadata policies and standards for resources deposited in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR).

SUL Rosette

SUL's internal network of HAM operators is gearing back up for monthly check-ins. The HAM operator network assists with communications in times of emergency and also meets regularly to develop skills. The group has available radios and room for more participants. If you are interested in becoming a licensed HAM radio operator, please reach out to Mimi Calter.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SUL Rosette

The Stanford Libraries’ Silicon Valley archives and comments by Henry Lowood (curator of Stanford's History of Science & Technology Collections) and by library advisory council member Paul Saffo were featured in a look back in the San Jose Mercury News at the Bay Area’s first Super Bowl – played at Stanford Stadium – in 1985.

Read Bay Area's first Super Bowl in 1985 reflects transformation of Silicon Valley.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stanford Quad corner and column

SUL has the following new positions this week:
LOCKSS Content Engineer, Software Developer 1 (#69793)
LOCKSS Content Engineer, Software Developer 1 (#69790)
LOCKSS Content Engineer, Software Developer 1 (#69788)
Editorial Assistant, Administrative Associate 1 (#69761)

Head Librarian Bowes Art and Architecture Library (#69752)

Sound Archive Librarian (#69751)

For a complete description of open positions within SUL, go to the Stanford Library Jobs page.