Rosalyn Metz to lead Library Technology and Digital Strategies at Emory University Libraries

Rosy Metz

On Friday, February 12, Rosalyn Metz will be leaving SUL for an exciting new opportunity as the Director of Library Technology and Digital Strategies at Emory University Libraries.

There, she will provide leadership and direction for a growing department focused on providing high-quality, robust systems that facilitate search, discovery, preservation, and delivery of library services and resources to the entire Emory University campus.

Rosalyn joined DLSS two and a half years ago as the Stanford Digital Repository Operations manager. During her time here, Rosalyn has played a key role in ensuring the operational excellence of DLSS technical services, helping to drive our technical infrastructure requirements, ensuring we had critical support processes in place, and, on those rare occasions when something would go wrong, she was the person sleuthing down why an object wasn’t ingested into SDR correctly and what we needed to do to keep that situation from happening in the future. Most importantly, Rosy has also taught DLSS just how good homemade cupcakes can be.

DLSS will certainly miss her energy, insight and contributions. We’re pleased that some DLSSers will occasionally see her at various conferences or on inter-institutional projects and initiatives.

By Tony Navarrete