Yewno Trial for SUL Staff

Yewno logo

SUL is participating in beta testing for Yewno, a conceptual search tool that displays paths of information for you to navigate along your research journey.

Yewno is already accessible for anyone with a Stanford IP address. You can use it now by going to the Yewno homepage from your campus computer, or from off campus when using VPN. Please take some time to explore the tool and learn more about its capabilities. We’ll be offering training sessions in the coming weeks for those of you who are interested. Watch SUL News for announcements of those sessions and other updates on the Yewno rollout.

Because this is a beta test, the Yewno team is very interested in your feedback on the tool. Please send your comments, questions, and concerns to, or use the feedback button on the site. As we get further into our beta test, we will make the tool accessible through the SUL website, and promote it with students and faculty.

This early phase is your chance not only to learn about the tool, but help shape its development, before your clients begin to use it heavily.

Thanks, Mimi