New Earth and Environmental Sciences Librarian hired

Bridget Thrasher

Bridget Thrasher has been appointed the new Earth and Environmental Sciences Librarian at Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections.  Bridget will join SUL on September 12, 2016.

She is currently working as a research associate for CIRES/NCEI where she designs and implements controlled vocabularies for paleoclimatology variables stored at the World Data Services - Paleoclimatology archive.  Bridget’s interest in paleoclimatology stretches back to her doctoral research at University of California, Santa Cruz where she received her PhD in Earth & Planetary Sciences, developing regional climate models of the early Eocene paleoclimate for the Western United States.  Since then she has worked as an independent scientist in partnership with various federal agencies, NGOs, and universities, eventually publishing several climate projection datasets through NASA’s Earth Exchange. LLNL's Green Data Oasis, and the World Bank Group.

Bridget holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Engineering and Applied Science from California Institute of Technology and a Master’s in Information Technology from the American Intercontinental University.  While attaining her Master’s in Library and Information Science (2016) from San Jose State University, she worked as a Metadata Intern at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and as a Map Cataloging Intern at the David Rumsey Map Center.  Bridget is active in the Special Libraries Association and was the co-convener at many sessions of the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in 2009 and 2010. She was previously employed at Stanford as a Transportation Program Analyst managing all of their programmatic data analysis requests.  

 In her spare time, Bridget likes reading, gaming, baking, going to the theater, and cheering for the Giants.  

By Julie Sweetkind-Singer