Bing Crosby as venture capitalist

SUL Rosette

KQED’s new series Into The Mix, which focuses on little known stories from the Bay Area music scene’s past and present, published “How Bing Crosby and Silicon Valley Revolutionized Radio and TV.”

Rachael Myrow reported: “The first company to revolutionize entertainment from the Valley was Ampex, launched in 1944. The company manufactured the first reel-to-reel machine for commercial use in the United States (based on German technology), and later, the first video recording machine. All in collaboration/competition with Bing Crosby. Yes, that Bing Crosby…. Henry Lowood, Stanford’s Curator for History of Science & Technology Collections, says Crosby wasn’t just a customer; he was an early version of a venture capitalist. ‘He became very interested in promoting the technology and developing it,’ Lowood said.”

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