Evacuation drill and emergency recovery planning

SUL Rosette

In November, SUL staff focused on emergency preparedness, first by participating in the campus-wide QuakeSU emergency recovery drill, and then by holding evacuation drills for key buildings.

The QuakeSU drill, which was covered in Stanford News, was set two days after a large earthquake, and focused on recovery and restoration, rather than immediate emergency response. Based on feedback from the drill, SUL is re-examining the staffing model for its local Departmental Operations Center, which will serve as its local hub for emergency response. By participating in the exercise, we’ve also developed some important relationships with other groups on campus involved in emergency response.

A few days later, staff in Green and Lathrop got to practice their emergency response skills when, in coordination with the Fire Marshal, evacuation drills were held in each building. Staff performed well.  Lathrop was evacuated in 3 minutes and 45 seconds, while Green took slightly longer, at 4 minutes and 25 seconds.

When evacuating any building, please move as quickly as possible away from the entrance and the building façade. Go quickly to your local Emergency Assembly Point (EAP), which you can find on this page, and look for your Evacuation Coordinator, who will usually be wearing a reflective vest. Make sure you check in with staff at the EAP, and don’t leave without checking out! We’re planning evacuation drills for the branch libraries in the new year, so take time now to find your EAP, and know your emergency exits!

Are you interested in emergency preparedness, and want to be more involved?  Contact Mimi Calter.