Concierge 39: "LOCKSS"

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Please join us for Concierge 39: “LOCKSS”

  • Monday, Feb 13, 10-11am in EAL Room 224
  • Tuesday, Feb 14, 2-3pm in EAL Room 224. (This session will be video recorded.)

The LOCKSS Program provides distributed digital preservation software and services used by hundreds of institutions across tens of networks.

Established as an auxiliary of Stanford University Libraries in 1999, the LOCKSS Program originally helped libraries secure post-cancellation access to subscription electronic resources. Its focus has since expanded to preservation of the digital scholarly record more broadly and enabling communities to preserve digital materials that matter to them.

As its founders, Vicky Reich and David Rosenthal, are now retired and the LOCKSS Program joins the Digital Library Systems and Services group, the LOCKSS Program is poised for major new initiatives. Come to this Concierge session to hear from Nicholas Taylor, Program Manager for LOCKSS and Web Archiving, about the present and future of the LOCKSS Program.

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