Charlotte C Thai

Cabrinety Project Archivist

My role as the Cabrinety Project Archivist involves working with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) on a grant-funded project to digitize the software portion of the Stephen M. Cabrinety Collection in the History of Microcomputing, ca. 1975-1995. I re-process, register, catalog, and help prep digital materials for accessioning into the Stanford Digital Repository. Starting in 2014 Stanford also took over responsibility for all digital photography.


  • BA, English, UCLA

Professional activities 

American Library Association

Society of American Archivists

Society of California Archivists

More about me 

I worked for a video game magazine called Tips & Tricks that spun out from another video game magazine called VideoGames & Computer Entertainment. VG & CE still has its wikipedia page, but the Tips & Tricks wikipedia page has sadly been deleted. Yet another of the many reasons I am interested in archiving the history of video games at an institutional level.

Update: A former Tips & Tricks reader named Roger Burton was looking for information about the magazine and couldn't find anything substantial online. He decided to interview several of the old writers, including me. This resulted in the blog post, "A Comprehensive Oral History Of Tips & Tricks - The #1 Video-Game Tips Magazine." Warning: contains history.