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Phyllis Kayten

Outreach and Instruction Librarian


  • (650) 498-9137

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Room 123-F

Phyllis's role in the library

I provide reference assistance at the Information Center Desk in Green Library. 

I also lead library workshops for the Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) classes, and coordinate summer instruction.

Course Guides by Phyllis

Course number Term Guide Instructor
PWR 1SG Fall 2012 Body and Mind: The Rhetoric of Gesture Streit, S.
PWR 2SPA Fall 2015 Other Selves: The Art & Science of Friendship Pittock, S.
PWR 2WG Winter 2017 All That Jazz: The Rhetoric of American Musical Theater Goldberg, W.
PWR 2SGA Spring 2013 Lie Detection and the Social Functions of Deception Streit, S.
PWR 2GAW Winter 2016 'Don't Stand so Close to Me' : Cross-cultural Communication Watters, A.
PWR 1GJN Winter 2013 Speaking of Dreams Nathan, J.
PWR 1GTA Spring 2013 What Lies Beneath: The Rhetoric of the Underworld Tackett, J.
PWR 1GLR Spring 2013 Are you Fuzzy and Techie?: The Rhetoric of Art and Science Rogers, L.
PWR 2DH Spring 2016 I ___ Therefore I Am: 21st Century Identity? Hunter, Donna
Education Unlimited A+ Summer Precollege Summer 2016 Elections United States John Kephart III
SNFI Policy Summer 2016 SNFI Policy Summer 2016 SNFI
SNFI Lincoln Douglas Summer 2016 SNFI Lincoln Douglas Debate Summer 2016 Stanford National Forensic Institute
EPGY International Relations Summer 2013 EPGY International Relations Padilla, S.
PWR 1CW Fall 2013 Sporting Rhetoric: Power, Performance. Profit and Politics Wright, C.
PWR 1 GJU Winter 2014 Surface of Past Time: The Rhetoric of Nostalgia Noble, J.
PWR 2JLC Spring 2015 Illness Narratives: Attention, Empathy, and Storytelling Lee, J.
ESF 2/2A Fall 2014 The German Tradition of Bildung or How to Become a Global Citizen Starkey, Watson
ESF 6/6A Fall 2015 The Wind of Freedom Kinsey, V.
ESF 3/3A Fall 2015 How to be a Public Intellectual Kassabova, B
PWR 1EP Winter 2017 Rhetoric of Global Development and Social Change Emily Polk
PWR 1GCD Spring 2014 Doomsdays: The Rhetoric of Apocalypse Davis, C.
PWR 2DHA Winter 2014 P-Sets, Essays and Midterms: Making Time for Social Change in a Busy World Hunter, Donna
PWR 1GAU Spring 2014 Mind vs. Brain: The Rhetoric of Consciousness Ueda, A.
PWR 1GLB Spring 2014 In Poor Taste: The Rhetoric of Catastrophe Comedy Barnhart, L.
PWR 1GFL Spring 2014 From Con Artists to Catfish: The Rhetoric of Trickery Molyneux, F.
PWR 2EC Fall 2016 Like this Class: The Rhetoric of Public Relations Cirillo-McCarthy, E.
PWR 2CL Spring 2015 Invisible Crimes, Masked Vices: The Rhetoric of Violence Lewis, C.
PWR 1GAK Spring 2014 No Filter: The Rhetoric of Young Adulthood Ammah-Tagoe, A.
PWR 1GRK Spring 2014 Plugged In: The Rhetoric of Networks Kirkwood, R.
PWR 1WG Spring 2016 Reading Minds: The Rhetoric of Consciousness Goldberg, W.
THINK25 Spring 2014 Evolution on Earth Scott, M.
Legal Studies Summer 2016 Legal Rhetoric Cosovano, L.
PWR 1HJ Fall 2014 Rhetoric of Museums Janiszewska, H.
PWR 1EL Fall 2014 Propaganda: The Dark Side of Rhetoric Plaut, E.
PWR 1RL Winter 2017 Rhetoric of Happiness Lee, R.
PWR 1LP Winter 2015 Crafting Credibility: Rhetoric and Authority Luke Parker
PWR 1JD Spring 2016 Frog Princes and Ugly Ducklings: The Rhetoric of Self-Transformation Davie-Kessler, J.
PWR 2EPA Spring 2015 From Slacktivism to Hacktivism: The Rhetoric of Technology and Social Change Polk, E.
PWR 1LH Winter 2015 Ask What You Can Do: The Rhetoric of Public Leadership Herman, L.
PWR 2SBA Winter 2015 Building a Better Human: Arguing Enhancement/Enhancing Arguments Brawn, S.
PWR 2SSB Winter 2016 Superfans and Scholars: Writing Fan Culture Schuyler-Olmsted, S.
PWR 1LM Fall 2015 Two Truths and a Lie: The Rhetoric of Authenticity Lindsey Mantoan
PWR 1NA Spring 2016 Rhetoric of Childhood Sukhonos, N
PWR 2JD Fall 2015 Straight A's and Sports Cars: The Rhetoric of Success Davie-Kessler, J
PWR 2RL Spring 2016 Rhetoric of the Natural and Beyond Lee, R.
PWR 2DHA Fall 2016 Action Research: Making Time for Social Change Hunter, D.
PWR 2JJ Winter 2017 The rhetoric of language, identity and power Jennifer Johnson
PWR 2SC Fall 2016 Are We There Yet?: The Rhetoric of Mobility Schwartz, S
PWR 2LM Spring 2016 Rhetoric and Aesthetic of War Mantoan, L
PWR 1JC Winter 2017 Rhetoric of Reproduction Caruthers, J
PWR 1AK Winter 2017 Rhetoric of Humor Kortenhoven, A.
PWR 2JCD Winter 2017 Rhetoric of Collaboration: From Fandoms to Entrepreneurs Cohn, J.
PWR 2DHB Winter 2017 Feel Me? The Rhetoric, Practice and Complication of Empathy Hunter, D.
PWR 2MS Winter 2017 Seriously Funny: The Rhetoric of Humor Stroud, M.

Professional activities

Member, Bay Area Library and Information Network (BayNet)

More about Phyllis

Prior to coming to Stanford University, I served as a Human Performance Investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), investigating the human causes of major transportation accidents. I was also the Deputy Scientific and Technical Advisor for Human Factors to the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and a Human Factors Research Scientist at the US Merchant Marine Academy. My psychology PhD helps me a lot in giving assistance for research in the social sciences.


Ph. D. Developmental Psychology, SUNY Stony Brook
B.A. Psychology. Brandeis University