Sarah E Lester

Engineering Librarian, Digital Services and Projects

I am the liaison for the Departments of Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering,  Materials Science, and Aeronautics and Astronautics.  I collect materials and provide research support as well as maintain the library's collection of industry standards.  I provide instruction support for courses and teach workshops on various topics at the Engineering Library. In addition, I work with faculty and students on collecting materials for preservation in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR).

Course number Term Guide Instructor
PWR 2SB Winter 2014 Writing 'Science': Fact, Fiction, and Everything Between Brawn, S.
ENGR 202W Autumn, Winter, Spring ENGR 202W: Technical writing Harrison, K
MATSCI-81N Fall MATSCI 81N: Bioengineering materials to heal the body Heilshorn, S.
ENGR 102M Spring 2013 Technical/Professional Writing for Mechanical Engineers McDevitt, M.
CEE 178/276 Fall 2015 CEE 178/276 Human exposure analysis Kopperud, R.
PWR 2RC Winter 2017 Red Pill or Blue Pill? : The Rhetoric of Drugs Carpenter, R
PWR1 GNV Winter 2014 Rhetoric of bioethics and biopolitics Varsava ,N
PWR 1TS Fall 2014 White Mice and White Coats: The Rhetoric of Biomedical Science Stan, T.
PWR 1 D Summer 2015 Writing Well: An Introduction to College Writing Carpenter, R.
PWR 1TS Fall 2015 Rhetoric of the Experiment Stan, T.
PWR 1MO Spring 2017 Imagining Technology: The Rhetoric of Humans and Machines Formato, M.
PWR1 TSA Spring 2016 Rhetoric of Innovation Stan, T.
Automotive engineering Automotive engineering
Aircraft materials and avionics Aeronautics and astronautics
Aeronautics and astronautics Aeronautics and astronautics
Concrete and cement Civil engineering
Earthquake resources for civil engineers Civil engineering
Civil engineering resources Civil engineering
Environmental engineering resources Environmental engineeringEnvironmental studies
Materials science and engineering resources Materials science and engineering
Geothermal engineering resources Energy resource engineeringEnvironmental engineering
Green building resources Civil engineeringEnvironmental engineering
Nano ChemistryNanoscience and nanotechnologyChemical engineeringMaterials science and engineering
Working papers, technical reports, case studies Management science and engineering
Patents ChemistryEngineering
Physical properties of materials Materials science and engineeringMechanical designMechanical engineering
Bioengineering Bioengineering
Water and wastewater resources Earth systemsEnvironmental engineering
Medical device design and regulation BioengineeringMaterials science and engineeringMechanical designMedicine and health
Science and engineering technical reports Engineering
Commercial product information Industrial engineeringManagement science and engineering
Grants and funding for science & engineering Aquatic studiesBiologyChemistryEarth sciencesEngineeringEnvironmental studiesMathematics and statisticsPhysics and astronomy
Mechanical engineering Mechanical designMechanical engineering
Standards Engineering
Architectural construction and design ArchitectureCivil engineering
Entrepreneurship resources Computer industryManagement science and engineeringEconomics and business
Putting content on e-readers Digital collections
Software help for engineers Computers and computingComputer scienceSoftwareEngineeringMathematics and statistics
Statistical analysis resources EngineeringMathematics and statistics


  • MLIS, University of Washington, 2006
  • BA, Liberal Arts, The Evergreen State College, 1994

More about me 

Prior to working as a librarian I worked for a number of years as a Software Engineer and User Experience Designer.