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Thomas J Rump

Managing Director, HighWire Press


Thomas's role in the library

Managing Director, HighWire Press

Since his arrival at HighWire Press in 2011, Tom Rump has been instrumental in strengthening the company's management processes, developing its strategic and business plans, and helping to lead HighWire to new levels of success. Under his helm, the HighWire management team has grown to reflect the realities of today's ePublishing challenges and opportunities, paying attention to process and efficiencies, and pushing through the completion of HighWire's transition to the fully standards-based and innovative HighWire Open Platform.

Through Tom's relationship with HighWire's customer base, and his emphasis on the expansion and throughput of the product road map, he demonstrates a deep understanding of HighWire's unique position in the scholarly publishing ecosystem. As partner to scholarly publishers, intimately connected to a top level research institution, and part of the library world, HighWire understands that libraries and publishers are both tasked with the responsibility to successfully run their 'businesses', on behalf of their constituents. Business-model agnostic, our focus is on improving the dissemination and retrieval of scholarly information.