Artificial Intelligence

Fantastic Futures 2019

Library in AI / AI in the Library

December 4 & 5, 2019

Stanford University, Stanford, California

How will AI transform the library?

What role will libraries play, as trusted sources of information, when more and more of the information we consume is algorithmically generated? How will library values of neutrality, privacy, authority and preservation help shape AI, and how will libraries apply them in a changing landscape? How can libraries leverage AI to transform and elevate their services beyond 20th century modalities?

The Fantastic Futures 2019 conference is a collaboration between Stanford University Libraries and the National Library of Norway, and building on the breakout conference of the same name in Oslo 2018.

December 4, 2019 Conference

The one-day conference will convene thought and practice leaders from academia, libraries, industry and society to address these questions and help shape the future of AI in libraries, and the role of libraries in AI. An optional second day of workshops will surface key issues, opportunities and techniques for applying AI in libraries and applying libraries to AI.

December 5, 2019 Workshops

The Fantastic Futures AI for Libraries Workshops encourage participation from across libraries, archives and museums. Organized in multiple tracks over one full day, the workshops will provide practical instruction on a range of topics appropriate for administrators, content experts, catalogers, designers and engineers.


Nicole Coleman

Catherine Nicole Coleman

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