Digitization Services

Stanford University Libraries provides high quality digitization services (digital scanning, reformatting and capture of born digital materials) to support the University's academic and research mission. Expert staff combine state-of-the-art digitization equipment with state-of-the-art best practices to provide support for collection-level digitization projects, systemic digitization (en masse digitization efforts), as well as patron and internal one-off requests for small sets of items.  Digitization services support three broad format families:

  • Imagery: manuscripts, books, maps, photographs, prints, and illustrations 
  • Media: audio, video, and film
  • Born Digital Materials:  digital files and software from CDS, DVDs, hard drives, tapes, etc.

In addition to generating high quality digital surrogates of the original item, digitized items are typically accessioned into the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR), making them discoverable (findable) in SearchWorks. Inclusion in the Stanford Digital Repository ensures that these materials are available to researchers and scholars (while upholding appropriate access restrictions), now and in the future through a secure, sustainable stewardship environment. 

For inquiries regarding digitization services, please contact Digitization-contact@lists.stanford.edu.