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Projects & innovations

As a modern research library, SUL takes on transformative ventures, many of which will change the very nature of libraries. These projects involve innovative partnerships with peer libraries and companies worldwide and range from augmenting our existing strengths to improving search and academic collaboration with new technologies. Explore these initiatives here.

Stanford is one of the libraries partnering with Google in this project to digitize, and make searchable, tens of millions of books.
Designing a scalable, prototype system to demonstrate the viability and efficacy of a linked data environment for improving discovery and navigation.
The Digital Forensics lab analyzes, preserves and provides access to born-digital archival materials.
In the real world, medieval scholars work with materials from many libraries; interoperability lets them do the same in the digital world.
Emerging Technology Team
The ETT identifies, tests, and assesses new and emerging technologies for the academic library environment.
An international effort to build a framework for sharing digitized images across digital library repositories.
LDCX is a series of technology conferences for libraries and related cultural heritage institutions