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Vijoy AbrahamVijoy Abraham
Academic Technology Specialist for the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences
(650) 521-1427
Contact regarding: Computational social science research and training; secure data management

Claudia Engel
Academic Technology Specialist and Lecturer, Department of Anthropology
(650) 724-7452
Contact regarding: R in the Social Sciences, R and GIS, R workshops, R and Library Data 

Amy Hodge
Science Data Librarian
(650) 556-5194
Contact regarding: Data Carpentry/Software Carpentry workshops with R, Code sharing & preservation via the Stanford Digital Repository

Ashley Jester
Head of SSDS & Political Science Subject Specialist

Contact regarding: R workshops, Social Science Data

Kris Kasianovitz
Government Information Librarian; State, Local, and International Documents
(650) 683-5235
Contact regarding: Finding and acquiring research data

Ron Nakao with 9-track data tape.Ron Nakao
Data and Computational Social Science Librarian; Interim Selector for Economics
(650) 725-1062
Contact regarding: Finding and acquiring research data; information on SSDS consulting resources

Stacey Maples - Stanford Geospatial CenterStace Maples
Geospatial Manager
(214) 641-0920
Contact regarding: Finding and acquiring spatial data

Judy Marsh
Data Research Services and Outreach Librarian, Social Science Data and Software (SSDS)
(650) 723-7009
Contact regarding: Finding and acquiring social science data

Regina Roberts
Bibliographer for Anthropology & Archaeology, Communication & Journalism, Feminist Studies, Lusophone Africa Collections, and Sociology
(831) 251-5700
Contact regarding: Finding and acquiring social science data or corpora for analysis

Christopher Donald Stave
Information Services Librarian, Lane Medical Library, School of Medicine
(650) 725-4580
Contact regarding: Workshops on data visualization and data analysis at the School of Medicine