Forum wordle, image by Sara LefortFuture of Scientific Publishing:
Open Access to Manuscripts and Big Data

Stanford University
June 27, 2013

Video and slide presentations can also be downloaded via the library catalog

 8:30 Welcome (video link)
Introduction to Forum
(video link)
Robert Byer, Professor of Applied Physics, Stanford University
Michael Turner
, President, APS
10 min
 8:40 TODAY’S DATA, TOMORROW’S DISCOVERIES: Expanding Access to the Results of Research Funded by the National Science Foundation (slides not available) Myron Gutman, Assistant Director, NSF
Amy Friedlander, Staff Associate, NSF
30 min
 9:10 The Changing Landscape of Scholarly Publishing (slides not available) (video link) Elizabeth Nolan, Chief Publishing Officer, OSA 30 min
 9:40 Open Access, the American Physical Society, and CHORUS (pdf and video link) Joseph Serene, Treasurer/Publisher, APS 30 min
10:10 Coffee Break   30 min
10:40 Open Access to Manuscripts and Big Data -- Progress and the Elsevier Perspective in 2013 (pdf and video link)
Dan Morgan, Director of Universal Access, Elsevier 30 min
11:10 Open Science Perspective (pdf and video link) Michael Eisen, Co-founder, PLOS 30 min
11:40 Panel and Interactive Discussion (video link)
Moderator: Thomas Baer

Morning speakers
Robert Schwarzwalder, Associate University Librarian for the Science and Engineering Libraries, Stanford University
Robert Byer, Professor of Applied Physics, Stanford University

45 min
12:30 Lunch   1 hr
 1:30 Scientific Computing with Amazon Web Services: Introducing the Executable Paper (pdf and video link) Jamie Kinney, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services 30 min
 2:00 Open Access to Data: Policy Mandate and Scientific Imperative (pdf and video link) Victoria Stodden, Assistant Professor of Statistics, Columbia University 30 min
 2:30 Libraries and Research Data Curation: Barriers and Incentives for Preservation, Sharing, and Reuse (pdf and video link) Stephen Abrams, Associate Director of the University of California Curation Center (UC3), California Digital Library 15 min
 2:45 Closing the Loop: Digital Library Services in the Age of Data and Open Access (pdf and video link) Tom Cramer, Chief Technology Strategist, Stanford University Libraries 15 min
 3:00 Sustainability Science Needs Sustainable Data! (pdf) Robert Chen, Director, CIESIN, Columbia University 15 min
 3:15 Open Access Data: Hopes and Fears from the Faculty Perspective (pdf and video link) Bruce Clemens, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University 15 min
 3:30 Data Management at a DOE Open Science Facility (pdf and video link) Amber Boehnlein,Head of Scientific Computing, SLAC 15 min
 3:45 Coffee Break   30 min

Panel and Interactive Discussion (video link)
Moderator: Bruce Clemens

Afternoon speakers
Eileen Novak, Director of Communications, MRS
45 min
 5:00 Conclusion Thomas Baer,Executive Director, Stanford Photonics Research Center 10 min
 5:15 Reception
Li Ka Shing Lobby
  1 hr


The Interactive Discussions featured an Audience Response System (ARS) that allowed real time audience reaction to specific questions. Panelists were asked to respond briefly to a series of questions/preferences that were then presented to the audience. Attendees were encouraged to discuss each question at their tables and then record their answers/preferences using the ARS. Results were tabulated and shared immediately.