SMPL has two digital audio workstations supporting simultaneous capture of a broad range of sound recording formats: the cassette lab, where up to 8 audiocassettes can be captured at once, and the main audio lab where we work on open reels, discs, DATs, and more audiocassettes.

We use the following pieces of equipment and software:

  • Disc: Technics SP-15 and SME 3012R Tonearm; Diapason Model 20
  • Stylus: Shure M44-7 and Stanton 500 cartridges with a range of styli from Expert Stylus
  • Phono stages: KAB Souvenir EQS MK12, Vadlyd MD12, Timestep T-01EQ
  • 1/4" open reel tape: Ampex ATR-102, Studer A807 (x5), Revox PR99 (1.875, 0.9375 ips), Otari MX-5050 BQII (four track) 
  • 1/2" open reel tape: Ampex ATR-104, Studer A80 (15 and 30 ips tapes)
  • Cassette: Nakamichi CR-7A (x10), Nakamichi 680ZX, Tascam 122MKIII (x2), Sony M-470 (microcassette)
  • DAT: Sony PCM-R500 DAT players (x4), Tascam DA30MKII (x2)
  • MiniDisc: Sony MZ-M200
  • Noise reduction: dbx 180 (x2)
  • Software: Nuendo 5 (multi-ingest capture), Cubase 7.5 (multi-ingest capture), WaveLab 8 (disc capture and quality control), Izotope RX, Izotope Ozone, Izotope Insight
  • A/D-D/A converters: Mytek 8x192 (x2), Prism ADA-8XR
  • AES audio card: RME HDSPe (x2)
  • Distribution amplifiers: RDL Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier, Ocean Matrix Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier
  • CPU: Apple Mac Pro with 2x2.4 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon processor, Apple Mac Pro 3.5 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon E5 processor
  • Denon DN-F650R hard disk recorder (x2, for interstitial error checking)
  • Monitoring: Focal Trio6 Be near field monitors, Mackie 824 near field monitors,  Sennheiser HD 600 headphones (x2)
  • Headphone amp/DAC: Grace m903
  • Miscellaneous
    • NTI Minilyzer, NTI Digilyzer, and NTI Minirator Pro
    • MRL test tapes
    • Miscellaneous test discs
    • Feickert Universal Protractor
    • KAB Speed Strobe
    • KAB Transcription Platter


The video suite is a large single-operator workstation incorporating two transfer workflows: one supporting sources in analog video cassette and Digital Betacam formats; and one supporting sources in the family of DV formats. The system includes these devices:

  • 1/2" Sony CV: General Electric 4TD1B1
  • EIAJ-1: Sony AV-3650 (x2)
  • U-Matic: Sony BVU-950 (x2)
  • Betamax: Sony EDV-9500 ; Sony GCS-50
  • VHS (EP): Panasonic AG-1980P
  • S-VHS: Sony SVO-5800 ; Sony SVO-9500MD; Mitsubishi HS-MD3000E (PAL)
  • Betacam SP: Sony BVW-70 and PVW-2800
  • Digital Betacam: Sony DVW-A500
  • DV/HDV: Sony HVR-M15AU ; Sony DSR-2000
  • Video 8/Hi-8: Sony EVO-9850 ; Sony GVD-200
  • LaserDisc: Pioneer CLD-99
  • AV Interface: AJA IO Express ; AJA LHe +
  • A/D Converter Multiplexer: AJA HD10AVA
  • Processors: Apple Mac Pro with single 2.93GHz Quad Core processor, Apple Mac Pro with dual 2.26GHz Quad Core processors and Apple Mac mini 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (2)
  • Signal Monitoring: Videotek VTM-203 (SDI and analog), Tektronix 1720/1730 (analog)
  • Oscilloscope: Tenma 72-6805
  • Time Base Corrector: DPS-235, DPS-290, Fortel Turbo 2, Snell and Wilcox TBS-24
  • Video Noise Reduction (restoration use only): Xintekvideo DP-2000 dropout corrector
  • Audio Line Amplifier: Kramer VA8-XL
  • Audio Mixer: Mackie 802VLZ4
  • Video Monitors: Sony PVM-14M4U, Sony PVM14L5 (SDI)
  • Audio Monitors: Genelec 8020B, Wohler AMP1A-VTR2 nearfield audio monitor
  • Video Test Signal Generator: Kramer 811

Cleaning, treatment, and handling equipment 

  • Keith Monks Mark 5 Archives Disc Cleaner
  • RTI 490 VHS Family Tape Cleaner
  • RTI 3100 U-Matic Tape Cleaner
  • RTI 4100 Betacam Family Tape Cleaner
  • Film winds and inspection table (35mm, 16mm, 8mm)
  • Salvis Thermocenter Mechanical Convection Oven
  • Locally-developed device customized for cleaning moldy audiotape