About Us

The Stanford Geospatial Center (SGC) provides GIS support and services to all Stanford students, staff, and faculty. Our primary mission is to facilitate the effective use of GIS technology and data across campus. We provide essential GIS training, one-on-one GIS consultations, GIS project and analysis support, GIS data services, and map design and production support.

Permanent Staff

Stacey Maples, Geospatial Manager | staceymaples@stanford.edu | (214) 641-0920

Stace Maples - Stanford Geospatial Center

Mr. Stace D Maples

Geoospatial Manager
(214) 641-0920

David Medeiros

Geospatial Instruction & Reference Specialist
(650) 561-5294

Part Time Staff

Jihae Yoon, SGC GIS Assistant, yoon.jihae@gmail.com