We offer a series of basic, advanced, and special topic workshops on GIS. If you are new to GIS please start with the Introduction to ArcGIS workshop. Fill out the form linked below to be added to the Stanford GIS Email list. Workshop notifications will be sent out via the list, or check the calendar below for upcoming workshops.

Let us know if you have a particular geospatial topic that you want to learn more about and we can see if there is a possibility to create a custom workshop around that topic.

If you are teaching with GIS at Stanford please contact us to find out how we can support your class directly. Direct class support can range from a short in-class introduction to SGC services for students, setting up class project data collections, designing labs and lectures, and in-class workshops or SGC office hours for class projects.

Workshop Materials

You can download the workshop training material from Box here. If you are un able to attend one of the regualrly scheduled training sessions and need to get started right away please set up a time to come into the GIS lab and run the Intro to GIS workshop on your own.

Workshop Calendar

Basic Workshops

Intro Slide - SGCIntroduction to GIS Workshop

Introduction to GIS through ArcGIS. The first in a series of workshops given by the Stanford Geospatial Center (SGC) designed to help users get up to speed quickly with making the best use of GIS software and technology. Covers the fundamental concepts and skills needed to begin using GIS, including:

• What is GIS? • geospatial concepts and terminology • spatial data models and formats • projections and coordinate systems • basic data management • ArcMap user interface • basic map visualization •

GIS Data CreationGIS Data Creation

Data Creation follows the Intro and Geoprocessing sessions with skills related to the creation and management of spatial data.

Topics will include:

Creation of Geodatabases • Modelbuilder for Complex and interative Geoprocessing tasks • Georeferencing of Scanned Map Images • Use of Domains and Editing Templates for Editing Workflows • “Heads up” Digitization of Vector Data from Imagery • Using Graphics • Use of Annotation for Control of Labeling • Using Multiple Data Frames in Map Layouts • Exporting for Publication

Basic Spatial AnalysisGeoprocessing

The geoprocessing workshop builds on the Intro session by introducing the basics of spatial analysis basic data manipulation and analysis tools and techniques. Topics will include:

• measurements in GIS • table joins and relates • address geocoding • overlay analysis • density mapping • spatial allocation •

Special Topic Workshops

Mobile Data CollectionMobile Data Collection

Effective mobile data collection is no longer restricted to users with access to very expensive commercial GPS units. With the right apps, most smartphones and tablets can be used as GPS data collection devices. This lab walks users through the use of the Avenza PDF Maps and the Collector for ArcGIS apps for basic field data collection. The lab has students set up a data collection schema in app and then go outside to collect a set of test points with pictures and attributes before learning to bring the data back into Google Earth and ArcGIS.

Intro to ArcGIS OnlineIntro to ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is the Esri solution for cloud GIS. Learn how to quickly create and share a variety of interactive web maps.



Basic Spatial AnalysisBasic Spatial Analysis

Learn the basics of working with spatial data. Workshop covers spatial and attribute data queries and joins; overlay analysis with Clip and Intersect tools; proximity analysis with Buffer and Near tools.



Basic Spatial StatisticsBasic Spatial Statistics

Advanced statistical analysis in ArcGIS using the Spatial Statistics Toolbox. Examine spacial patters; interpolate new surfaces; create HotSpot analysis.