Workshops and Tours

Workshops and Tours

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  Finding our maps and Leveraging Mirador Tours of the
  using our technology: to study maps center
  11 am to 12 pm 11 am to 12 pm 10.30 am to 12 pm
June 5   12 
July     10
August     10
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Workshops and Tours for the Fall Quarter and beyond is forthcoming.

Finding our maps and using the Center's technology:

Interested in searching, discovering and paging our maps and atlases? Interested in finding maps online to view and embed or download? This workshop will show you how to do that and more.  The center has two large high resolution screens – a presentation screen and a touch screen, a high resolution monitor, four oculus rifts and a hololens. Learn about how to use the technology to view cartographic and other spatial information.

Leveraging Mirador to study maps

The International Image Interoperability Framework, along with viewers such as Mirador allow you to view maps and other images on-the-fly from several libraries and museums across the world. Learn how to find and bring in maps to compare and contrast between different collections.

Tours of the Center

All tours will begin at 10. 30 am at the Rotunda of the Bing Wing of Green Library and will last for one and a half hours. This is a longer tour, with one hour of presentations/demos, followed by half of hour of time set aside for tour takers to play with the technology at the Center.